Types of Jobs for Culinary Arts Degrees

Perhaps the primary motivation to obtain a degree in the culinary arts is to work as an executive chef, but that are many jobs for graduates of a culinary arts college that have little to do with cooking. From restaurant kitchen management to becoming a food writer, a culinary degree can award graduates many opportunities to work in their favorite field without spending too many hours in the kitchen.

Some types of jobs for culinary school graduates require dual-training in cooking and in another allied subject. To become a nutritionist, for example, the graduate will need to study food science as well as basic culinary arts topics. However, there are types of jobs that require only the basic culinary arts degree.


Caterers use their culinary arts degree to achieve credibility with a new catering company or to start a company of their own. While the degree isn’t a necessity in the catering business, it is a type of job that relies on the caterer’s reputation. Therefore, a culinary arts degree is an instant method to validate your skill.

Food Critic

Food critics get to eat all types of cuisine, critique the meal, and then publish their critique for others to read or hear. Because it is very important for a food critic to ‘know their stuff’, a degree from a culinary arts college is an important qualification in doing the job. Many news papers and publications hire food critics to assist readers in learning about local eateries.

Food Writer

A food writer must know cuisine as well as a food critic and many writers double as food critics. A food writer might also write about recipes, cooking methods, presentations, new restaurant openings, special events, wine tastings and many other food-related topics for television shows and publications.

Hospitality (Resort, Cruise, Hotel) Operations and Management

Many culinary arts degree programs specialize in hospitality management. Students graduating from the program are able to step outside of the ‘chef’ role and into a managerial role that can earn more income soon out of college. These types of jobs may involve cooking, managing, or operating a professional kitchen staff. They may also include other aspects of the commercial kitchen and restaurant.

Culinary Arts Instructor

With a master’s degree in the culinary arts, there are many types of jobs that involve training others in the arts. As a culinary arts instructor, graduates can help train the next generation of chefs, caterers, hospitality professionals, food critics, and other specialists.


Nutritionists understand how food works. They are trained in the scientific aspects of how the human body reacts to a given food. They are also aware of the way that cooking and preparation methods will degrade the nutritional values of food. Culinary arts graduates working in this type of job are often called upon to aide doctors in determining the best diet for a specific individual, condition, or circumstance.

Food Scientist

This is a type of job fit for those who enjoy learning about food as much as they enjoy the science behind the processes that occur with cooking, storing, and eating foods. Must like a nutritionist, food scientists have very detailed knowledge of food and nutrition. Unlike nutritionists, they are very involved in identifying improvements in food processing and preparation.