The Highest Paying Chef Jobs

Whether you are already in a culinary arts program or thinking about going to cooking school, it is likely that you have already considered some of the best paying jobs in the culinary arts industry. Because experience, education, and venue define the pay range for chefs, it can be difficult to decide which types of chef jobs will pay the most. There are a few rules that seems to apply to all … [Read more...]

How to Become a Chef Entertainer (Hibachi Chef Training)

Hibachi chefs are entertainers and culinary arts experts that wow dinner guests with seemingly impossible coordination, skill, and sometimes humor. Unlike an executive chef who works behind closed doors in a commercial kitchen, a Hibachi chef entertains dinner guests during the entire food preparation process. For food aficionados that love to tell stories and have a knack for flair, becoming an … [Read more...]

Types of Jobs for Culinary Arts Degrees

Perhaps the primary motivation to obtain a degree in the culinary arts is to work as an executive chef, but that are many jobs for graduates of a culinary arts college that have little to do with cooking. From restaurant kitchen management to becoming a food writer, a culinary degree can award graduates many opportunities to work in their favorite field without spending too many hours in the … [Read more...]

Are You Meant to be a Chef?

The top culinary arts schools in the world do a great job at preparing students for a role in the world of cooking, hospitality, and many other industries. However, experts agree that there are some natural traits shared by the most successful chefs in the industry. Among these is passion for the art and creativity, as well as a desire to continuously innovate your cooking styles to meet the … [Read more...]

Advice from the Experts on Becoming a Culinary Arts Instructor

Instructors at culinary arts schools are people who enjoy teaching others how to cook almost as much as they enjoy cooking. According to instructors in the industry, becoming a culinary arts teacher can be a very rewarding experience – provided you make the right choices about your career. Among other things, they recommend finding a special niche that fits you as a chef, choosing the right age … [Read more...]

Is a Degree from a Culinary Arts School Important for Restaurant Owners?

Culinary arts schools are a great place to learn about all aspects of the food and service industry. But is formal education from a cooking school really necessary to pursue your dream of owning your own restaurant? According to industry experts, it is definitely helpful if economical. While a degree from a cooking school is not required to open a restaurant, the benefits of earning a degree or … [Read more...]

Do You Need a Degree from a Culinary Art School?

Among culinary artists, chefs, and hospitality circles, there has always been debate about whether or not cooking schoolis a necessity. Those that have worked in the industry for decades claim that hard work is what really pays off. People that hire chefs and hospitality professionals concede that, in order to get a high paying job, they expect a candidate to have a lot of experience - but they … [Read more...]

Where are the Jobs after Culinary Art School?

Most students attending classes at culinary art schools are doing so for the purpose of finding a lucrative career doing something they feel passionate about. But after graduation, some students may find it difficult to land a good paying job in the environment they have always envisioned working.  A good cooking school is always the best way to get to that dream job, but between graduation and … [Read more...]

Cooking Classes: How to be a Culinary Arts Writer

Not all culinary art students are headed to the kitchen to work over a hot stove. That’s why cooking schools around the country offer a diverse selection of classes that include authoring and publishing cookbooks, recipes, and articles for magazines and online publication. Cooking schools often provide authoring classes, lectures, or seminars to students in their degree programs and to … [Read more...]

What to Expect in a Cooking School Certificate Program

Cooking school certificate programs are a great way for new culinary art students to get started on an advanced degree education or enter directly into the culinary arts field with an entry level degree. Cooking schools generally offer certificate programs that cover the basics of culinary arts, including baking and technical skills. A certificate program covers the foundational material that a … [Read more...]