Food Network Chefs to Teach Cooking Classes

Many chefs discovered their passion for the culinary arts through simple, one-time cooking classes at a local establishment. Such a class is coming to Atlantic City, where celebrity chefs wills be part of a lineup to teach cooking classes to food enthusiasts at one of the most popular restaurants in the city. The classes will be offered in cooperation with the Viking Cooking School, an institution … [Read more...]

Illinois Cooking Schools to Benefit from Sip Law

When it comes to alcohol or liquor-based beverages, culinary arts schools in some states are at a disadvantage. State and regional laws can prevent students who are under the legal drinking age from learning about wines, cocktails, and other beverages that are often paired with meals. In Illinois, a new law is soon to be passed that will make culinary arts colleges more competitive with their out … [Read more...]

Raw Food Culinary School Begins Tour

A culinary arts school that focuses on preparing gourmet foods in the raw is preparing to begin a tour promoting the benefits of raw food. Each of the twelve-hour classes will be held in select cities throughout the U.S. (PRWeb) Living Light Culinary Institute, a gourmet raw food school attracting students from more than 50 countries and six continents around the world, is pleased to announce … [Read more...]

Chinese Cooking Class for Exchange Students

Students who study abroad at the Keats Chinese Language School in China are getting a very special treat from the school designed to enrich the cultural experiences of the country’s exchange students. At the request of students, a new culinary arts class will commence for foreign students who want to learn more about Chinese Cuisine and cooking techniques. (PRWEB) May 29, 2012 Keats Chinese … [Read more...]

Culinary Arts School Gets Funding for Facilities

A plan to renew the downtown area by opening a new culinary art school in the Niagara County Community College is underway thanks to a big check that has helped keep the ball rolling on the project. Students in areas with an interest in the culinary arts will be able to use the new facilities to complete coursework and practice their skills in a brand new facility capable of housing 350 students, … [Read more...]

Culinary Arts Graduate’s ‘Thank You’ Dinner Party

When it comes to culinary arts college, working your way through college is best accomplished through taking a job in a commercial kitchen. That’s exactly what Gregory Williams did – and he made it to executive chef at that job before he even graduated college. After six long years in a culinary arts program, Williams hosted a dinner party to say ‘thanks’ to the friends and family who supported … [Read more...]

Culinary Arts Teacher Talks Business

Culinary arts colleges teach students all about cooking and most delve into the finer points of restaurant and hospitality management. In high school programs, students commonly focus on the fundamentals of cooking. However, one teacher is teaching her high school class about the art of cooking and business in a blended curriculum. RGJ - The Dust Devil Diner at Dayton High School was created by … [Read more...]

Illinois Cooking Classes Heat Up This Summer

For those who love cooking, but are still on the fence about attending a formal college to earn a degree in the culinary arts, an Illinois store and school has just the ticket to help you decide.  Cooking classes will be available to members of the general public this summer, allowing you to learn about the art of cooking through specific coursework and cuisine. (PRWeb) may 17th, 2012 - … [Read more...]

Chocolate Contest Highlights Cooking Students’ Skills

Culinary arts students participate in competitions to enhance their ability to work under pressure and to expose them to the challenges they will face in the real world of culinary arts. Many types of competitions make their way into the lives of students; some compete to create the best meal using surprise ingredients while others, like those in the story below, get to show off their candy … [Read more...]

Student Wins Scholarship to Culinary Arts College

Culinary arts school competitions offer students in college the chance to test their skills in real time. In front of a panel of judges, students are ranked based on their understanding of cooking skills – from basic knifing techniques and use of ingredients to the fragrance and presentation of the finished product. But as one high school student found out recently, you don’t always need a few … [Read more...]