Cooking School Goes Green for Environment

At least one cooking school is teaming up with area farmers and recycling companies to ensure that its culinary art program leaves a smaller footprint on the environment. Minor changes affecting the culinary arts program at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas is recycling their food waste and using sustainable materials in their kitchen thanks to willing students, faculty, and the … [Read more...]

Cooking Class’ Top Educators Named by FENI

Instructors of cooking classes at two U.S. schools were recently named educator of the year by the Foodservice Educators Network International; one high school educator of the year and one post-secondary education of the year. Both instructors are featured on the FENI’s 2012 Educator of the Year webpage and are well-known in their local circles for being outstanding in their profession. FENI … [Read more...]

Famous Food Brand Sponsors Cooking Classes

Barilla, a famous brand of Italian premade foods sold by retailers around the country, recently announced its sponsorship of a series of cooking classes. The classes are targeted at the future generations of Italian culinary artists through a program known as “Eat Healthy and Speak Italian” and will be taught to children at the International Culinary Center in New York City in March and … [Read more...]

Hartstone Hosts Immersion Cooking at 5-Day Summer School

Students on summer vacation from an area culinary arts school in and around the city of Camden, Maine might find a fulfilling way to bolster their cooking classes A Tuscan fare immersion cooking school is being hosted by Hartstone Inn & Hideaway over a period of five days in June, treating guests to the experience of Italian Tuscan cooking through classes taught by the famous Italian chef, … [Read more...]

Cooking School Event to Inspire and Teach Home Flavors

A cooking school popular for teaching people how to create homemade foods that taste great will return to Weirton, West Virginia next month for a much anticipated event focused on training and educating at home cooks in the techniques of homemade cuisine. The Taste of Home Cooking School will be at the Serbian-American Cultural Center on March 6th, where organizers expect a sold out show since … [Read more...]

Award-Winning Chef Joins NY Culinary Art School

An award-winning pastry chef recently announced his intention to join the educators at an acclaimed culinary arts school in New York, NY this spring. Pastry Chef Michael Laiskonis will begin working as the Creative Director for the Institute of Culinary Education in March, where he will spend his time helping the school create advanced curriculum and will work in the classroom teaching students … [Read more...]

Local Cooking Classes Inspire New Careers

Classified listings and news briefs about cooking classes at a local restaurant or school often go unnoticed by many viewers, but for those who enjoy cooking and are considering a career in the cooking industry, they might be worth the time. Cooking classes made available to the public are ideal situations for aspiring chefs or those who are still on the fence about which professional option is … [Read more...]

Celebrity Chefs Host Cooking Classes on Cruise

Students interested in cruising with Holland America Cruise line have the opportunity to attend cooking classes taught by some of the culinary art industry’s best chefs. Top chefs from television network fame and others are on the 2012 roster for the cruise line’s unique cooking school setup. As guests cruise between any of the continents on the globe, they can learn how to create gourmet … [Read more...]

Become a Niche Chef with Egyptian Cooking Classes

Niche chefs capitalize on the idea that there is a smaller, underserved portion of the population that is salivating for unique foreign food that is seldom easy to find. Egyptian cuisine is one of those food categories that gets overlooked in many cooking classes, but is worth a bit more investigation by students who fancy themselves the next greatest chef entrepreneur. There is a good … [Read more...]

Should You Go to Cooking School Abroad?

Culinary art schools teach students all they need to know in the kitchen to prepare, cook, and present a great meal. But are cooking schools in another city, state, or country really that different? The experts say it really depends on what kind of chef you wish to be and what kind of foods you like to cook. It might be beneficial for a student to travel to another state to attend a “better” … [Read more...]