Realistic Cooking Schools Prep Students for Stardom

Some cooking schools seem to promise the world to their students, creating big dreams of wildly successful careers as a top chef at some 5-star restaurant (perhaps the student’s own establishment). It is true that a premier cooking school will catapult an already passionate student nearer to the realm of possibility, but it takes a winning student with a flexible mind and creative talent to … [Read more...]

World Famous Cooking School Opens London Campus

News of a new café opened in London by world-famous cooking school Le Cordon Bleu has the industry buzzing about this trend-setting institution. The new café sits below a new school campus that will house more than 700 students and offer a multitude of professional courses complimenting its training in French fare. As part of the new program in London, the cooking school is also going to … [Read more...]

Famous French Cooking School Opens London Cafe

The famous Le Cordon Bleu cooking school opened a brand new café in London yesterday. The school is one of the most widely recognized institutions in the world, known for producing the world’s best and most well-trained French chefs. The cooking school has been open for half of a decade and recently opened a school in London where the new café will reside. The school boasts that the new café … [Read more...]

Culinary Art Schools Could Work Toward Healthy Futures

As the world begins to take note of the harmful effects of a poor diet, some cooking schools are doing more to get us back on the right track. Cooking schools are offering courses dedicated to the art of healthy cooking and giving students the information they need to help make the world’s health a little bit better. One such college is offering the first culinary arts school to focus all of … [Read more...]

Culinary Art Schools in MI Can Now Serve Alcohol

In Michigan, many culinary art students that were of legal age were not permitted to have alcohol on campus because of a law that prohibited the substance from being on state-owned property. That is now changing, however, thanks to a law that was signed into effect by Governor Rick Snyder. Under the old law, even a wine with dinner event or any culinary art display had to be void of any type … [Read more...]

Culinary Art Schools Learn Real-World Lessons

Cooking schools are not just for students, anymore. Members of the general public who keep an eye out for bulletins from local institutions might find a special treat, too. Plenty of culinary art schools are known in their local community as the best places to get great food. Students spend many arduous hours, at work over a hot stove or with their noses in the books trying to learn the … [Read more...]

Cooking Schools Teach Sensibility

A cooking school in Graham, North Carolina took on a sense-itive topic recently. Alamance Community College is trying to teach cooking students the sense of taste, but it is not something they can learn from a book. People go to cooking school to learn how about food, cooking methods, and even presentation styles for all sorts of cuisine. What we don’t hear much about, however, is how … [Read more...]

NJ Culinary Arts College Honors Graduates

A New Jersey culinary arts college recently awarded forty new chefs and certificate graduates at their graduation in December. The Atlantic Cape Community College’s culinary arts college held its graduation ceremonies at the Walter Edge Theater at its Mays Landing location. The culinary arts college trains future chefs in the foundational concepts of nutrition and cooking and advanced … [Read more...]

Culinary Arts School Hosts Scholarship Dinner

On January 27th, a cooking school in Iowa will host a dinner for the 6th consecutive year. The sixth annual IHCC Culinary Arts Scholarship Dinner is an event where several lucky culinary students will be awarded valuable scholarships. Students from the Indian Hills Community College culinary arts school will prepare seven of the eight courses that will be served to esteemed guests throughout … [Read more...]

New Culinary Arts School Facility Hints at Real World Progression for Students

A culinary arts school in Springfield, Illinois is heating up classes with a brand-new kitchen facility boasting the latest technologies in cooking. This new kitchen should help students at the school learn what life is like in the real-world, working at competitive restaurants that keep their kitchens equipped with cutting edge cooking equipment. Lincoln Land Community College’s new … [Read more...]