Cooking College’s Healthy Chef Training Produces Star Chefs, Authors, Champions

Students with a great passion to become a vegetarian chef are given the chance to enroll in cooking college that focuses most of its curriculum on natural whole foods.

The Natural Gourmet Institute was developed with the Culinary Arts Chef’s Training Program move than ten years ago to help chefs-to-be learn how to cook healthy, wholesome gourmet cuisine.

The cooking college is accredited and provides a complete education in cuisine to better prepare students who are interested in healthy cooking careers at restaurants, spas, and more. Chefs who specialized in healthy cuisine at cooking college are often hired on with a hefty salary as a house chef by some of the country’s most elite clients.

A graduate of the cooking college’s program, Tal Ronnen, is the author of “The Conscious Cook” and now serves as Oprah Winfrey’s personal chef. Iron Chef Champion Amanda Cohen as featured on Food Network, Food Network “Cupcake War” winner Chloe Coscarelli, and Alex Jamieson who authored the popular book “Veganism for Dummies” are all graduates of the program, too.

Students graduating from one of the cooking college’s primary campuses learn mainstream cooking principles and foundational knowledge. But the students who attend the cooking school’s specialty skills made available through the Culinary Chef’s Training Program have a unique view of cuisine.

These students learn how to create healthy meals by using locally grown, organic, and sustainable ingredients that are less refined and sometimes seasonable. According to a recent press release from the cooking college, people attending the cooking college’s healthy cuisine training have reported many benefits to the school, claiming the education they received has been life changing. From lifestyle changes that led to improved health to significant gains in their professional culinary lives, the training program provided by the Natural Gourmet Institute seems to be impactful in many facets of the students’ lives.


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    Cooking College’s Healthy Chef Training Produces Star Chefs, Authors, Champions…

    Graduates of a special program from the cooking college The Natural Gourmet Institute become famous in their profession….