Cooking School Goes Green for Environment

At least one cooking school is teaming up with area farmers and recycling companies to ensure that its culinary art program leaves a smaller footprint on the environment.

Minor changes affecting the culinary arts program at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas is recycling their food waste and using sustainable materials in their kitchen thanks to willing students, faculty, and the guidance of the Director of Environmental Stewardship, Andy Kim.

The culinary art school program now uses containers made of cardboard instead of Styrofoam and recycled utensils in the student run bistro on campus. The bistro is open to the public by reservation and is one of the ways in which the school found to reduce their impact and create a sustainable initiative at the college.

Another way they found “go green” was to stop throwing away the food scraps left over from work in classes and at the bistro. Before the initiative was in place, leftovers, peels, and other food items were simply thrown in the dumpster. Now they are put into a compost machine that is emptied by an area soil distribution company, so the scraps can be transformed into viable soil alternatives.

In the future, the school hopes to further the culinary art programs participation in the campus and city wide initiative to gain a more sustainable attitude by purchasing food products from local farmers.

According to a report by the school, the students of the culinary art program at Austin Community College are excited about the changes, which reflects and overall sentiment among college-age students that it’s time to start implementing a greener perspective in most professions.

The culinary arts program at Austin Community College offer three certifications in the culinary arts: Culinarian, Culinary Arts, and Pastry Arts. Students may also attend the cooking school to obtain an Associate of Applied Science in the Culinary Arts.


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    Cooking School Goes Green for Environment…

    A cooking school in Austin recently announced a new green initiative….