Cooking School Hosts Demo for Future Classes

A culinary art school is partnered up with a famous culinary market today to provide the public with impromptu cooking classes by a well-known chef.

The Boston Public Market Association and the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts hosted the tapas cooking demonstration to provide an example of the types of cuisines that are being cooked up during future demonstrations by local chefs using products found in the Boston Public Market Association’s vending stands.

Using the foods provided by farmer’s market vendors, local chefs will be hosting cooking classes between the beginning of July and August of this year. The details of the classes this summer are waiting release, but the event is titled “The CSCA BPMA Celebrity Chef Series” and is hosted by the cooking school.

Participants paid $100.00 to attend the cooking class and tasting event.

Funds raised from this summer’s cooking classes will be used by the Boston Public Market Association to start a market in the city that will sell locally grown and produced ingredients. Boston has no shortage of farmers markets, with at least 20 at last count, but the association hopes to bring a covered, closed market to allow the state’s farmers to sell their foods.

To start off the demo today, Chef Marcos Sanchez from Jamaica Plain’s Tres Gatos put together a few of his restaurants favorite tapas. He prepared All i Pebre, Spansih Tortillas, Salad with Fresh Eggs, and Churros for guests at the cooking class to sample.

The Boston Public Market Association was officially established a decade ago by a group of business entrepreneurs working in conjunction with local farmers and public officials to create the year-round market in Boston.

Chef Marco Sanchez is a graduate of the cooking school at the Cambridge Culinary Arts Academy and completed the Professional Chef’s Program six years ago. He is now the executive chef at Tres Gatos in Jamaica Plain.