Cooking School Received Accreditation for 33rd Year

A cooking School in South Carolina was recently awarded its re-accreditation and celebrates its thirty-third year in business as a culinary arts education leader.

The Horry-Georgetown Technical College’s Culinary Arts Program, going strong for more than three decades, announced that their secret lies in the exception staff and faculty at the school.

Accreditation for cooking schools is sometimes an arduous process, especially for young cooking schools that need to stay in top shape for the review board. This doesn’t seem to be a problem for the culinary arts school at HGTC, however. In fact, the cooking school won their accreditation again amidst plans to build a new, multi-million dollar culinary arts facility and double its current staffing.

The Culinary Arts Federation Education Foundation provides accreditation approval to hundreds of cooking schools in the country, from two- and four-year colleges down to high school cooking programs. HGTC was among other culinary art schools to be accredited in the recent renewal period and is one of only four accredited cooking schools in South Carolina.

In order to become an accredited cooking school, a program must meet or exceed a fixed standards review and must have a competent, well trained staff in addition to curriculum that meets regulatory standards and a student services program. Programs must be accountable and keep elevated levels of professionalism at the forefront of their education process, which must be kept up according to the most recent regulatory standards.

Cooking schools who are seeking first-time approval or renewed accreditation are subjected to detailed review by the accrediting body, including on-site visits and thorough investigation of the curriculum and staff. The new building at HGTC’s cooking school will likely help with future accreditation approvals, as facilities is another part of the accreditation boards review criteria.