Cooking Schools, Technical Education Colleges Becoming More Available

Payton Pugh, a high school student in Winchester, VA was faced with a few options when it came to where she wanted to attend cooking school.

This trend seems to be fairly common among teens aspiring to become a chef or enter into any other technical trade.

Pugh graduated high school last year and was offer positions at several cooking schools in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and as far away as California. The student chose to attend the cooking school at Baker College after high school graduation, though she had plenty of options.

Now she is attending culinary arts classes at the Culinary Institute of Michigan at Baker to earn an associate’s degree and intends to graduate in the middle of next year.

The cooking school’s parent institution, Baker College, is becoming accustomed to new students joining the ranks at the school. Out of state enrollments are on the rise at the school, nearly tripling in the last decade according to the school’s local paper.

The president of Baker College of Muskegon says that he believes this rise in enrollment is due to quality education and through tuitions costs that students can afford. Payton Pugh said her decision made based on a solid program and, though unrelated to the cooking school itself, the weather and scenery near the campus. She wanted to be near the large amounts of snow and liked that the beaches were nearby.

Many students are following this trend in choosing a school that is a good fit based on several factors. This may be largely due to the overall availability of technical programs like cooking schools. As the demand in these industries rise, more cooking schools and higher learning technical institutions are born. This provides plenty of options for students who are shopping for the perfect program, cost, and location.  The cooking school industry is thriving and as long as there is job demand for chefs, there will be a school to fit every student’s needs.