Culinary Art Schools Could Work Toward Healthy Futures

As the world begins to take note of the harmful effects of a poor diet, some cooking schools are doing more to get us back on the right track.

Cooking schools are offering courses dedicated to the art of healthy cooking and giving students the information they need to help make the world’s health a little bit better.

One such college is offering the first culinary arts school to focus all of its studies on better habits. The Ecotech Institute recently released information about its program soon after the college experiences a 400% growth in new students. At Ecotech, all programs revolve around sustainable and renewable resources in disciplines from cooking to energy programs. This latest news certainly proves that we are becoming increasingly aware of the potential impact of changing old world habits.

Healthy living is taking off all across the United States, too. In Louisville, KY, the Harriett B. Porter Culinary Institute offered a training program that helped kitchen ministries learn how to prepare healthier foods and encourage people to eat in ways that benefit their health. On Monday, the cooking school held a special event to acknowledge the 20-something churches that participated in their program with great success.

In Pawtucket, RI a new cooking school initiative is being funded to help residents in the city learn similar things to those in Louisville. As part of the Pawtucket plan, the city hopes to open vegan and vegetarian restaurants and grocery stores that sell only healthy food items. Cooking classes will be offered through new education centers in the city.

Back at Ecotech, business is booming. In the press release, President Mike Seifert said “We knew we had something special when Ecotech opened its doors, and it’s inspiring to see increasingly more students come from across the country to pursue a degree that can truly make a difference in the world.”