Culinary Arts School Celebrates First Graduating Class

Culinary arts students who attended nearly one-on-one cooking studies at an Abilene, TX cooking school are the first graduates from the program.

Texas State Technical College Culinary Institute is a new department of the college and just fourteen students made it through the classes.

Cooking classes were attended over a one year period, during which the small number of students were able to learn the technical foundational knowledge about cooking in an intimate settings.

A cooking school instructor, Denise Shavandy said they’ve done well and that “They’ve come a long way from the beginning.” Another program director said that the cooking school classes composed the most amount of information relating to culinary arts in the short period of time the program runs.

The culinary arts classes covered everything from supervising a business to controlling costs and team building in the kitchen.  Shavandy’s husband is the other instructor in the cooking school and they say that the year long course is very challenging for them and the students.

Denise mentions that it is like cramming five years of teaching into a single year.

Students like Justin Burns found the program to be life-changing.

Burns is one of the first graduates from the school. He was offered a spot in The Art Institute of Dallas’ cooking school five years ago but turned the opportunity down to work in oil and construction.

He was unsatisfied with his career choice and finally decided to enroll in a cooking school to fulfill his true passion. Burns worked as a fry cook while in his high school years and is now back at the same restaurant – now as the manager of the kitchen. He says the cooking school at Texas State Technical College has given him the technical knowledge that he lacked before.

Burns is a fan of French food and Italian. He often cooks at home when he isn’t at work.