Culinary Arts Student Wins Paid Trip to Taiwan

A student of a culinary arts school in Chicago, IL recently won a trip to Taiwan following her win of the college’s first-ever Taiwanese themed cooking show-down.

Kendall College School of Culinary Arts recently announced that their student, Tayler Moore impressed the judges with her ensemble of pickled mustard greens, chicken, and Thai basil and cilantro salad.

Impressing the expert judges of the competition was no small feat for Moore, who is a sophomore studying in culinary classes at Kendall College to earn her bachelor’s degree. The judges were culinary arts experts from Kendall College and Chicago’s Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO).

TECO hosted the competition as a way to promote the launch of a new, culinary focused website from Taiwan’s Government Information Office. The new site provides information about the various cuisines in Taiwanese culture.

The culinary art school student created her chicken based dish, Taiwanese-Style Three Cup Chicken, using a cup of soy sauce, a cup of dry sherry, and a cup of sesame oil – all seasoned to near perfection according to the judges’ rulings. The chicken thigh that sat atop the greens was shaped as a lollipop and the entire dish was completed with a slight dose of chili oil.

It took the culinary arts students at Kendall College and hour and a half to complete their dishes. The judges focused on flavor, presentation, texture, and doneness.

The students were treated to some culinary arts classes with Taiwanese culinary art specialist Meilie Tsai from the Taiwan School in Lombard, Illinois for weeks prior to prepare for the competition.

In addition to finely crafted foods, the culinary art school asked that the students think about how their food could make it in a fine dining restaurant and to consider each dish’s authenticity. The winning dish presented by Moore was a winning combination of all of the competition’s criteria for a great dish.


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    Culinary Arts Student Wins Paid Trip to Taiwan…

    Following a competition win, a sophomore in culinary arts classes at Kendall College is headed to Taiwan….