Famous French Cooking School Opens London Cafe

The famous Le Cordon Bleu cooking school opened a brand new café in London yesterday.

The school is one of the most widely recognized institutions in the world, known for producing the world’s best and most well-trained French chefs.

The cooking school has been open for half of a decade and recently opened a school in London where the new café will reside. The school boasts that the new café is environmentally friendly and uses renewable and sustainable methods, including an herb patch on the roof of the building.

The new café is nestled among a row of tall, connected buildings lining the street in traditional London architectural style. The style of the café mimics that of the Le Cordon Bleu in Paris in the 1950’s and seats fewer than 50 patrons at a time on the interior of the café. The outside plaza will seat 5 patrons on the patio that features covered seating areas.

Of course, the menu will reflect the items that are most popular at the cooking school and is centered on French cuisine. According to the cooking school’s web site, the menu will include pastries, boulangerie, and viennoiserie that will be available during the café’s operating hours, but it will also boast meal time menus. Lunch will offer a short selection of the cooking school’s prized dishes, including sandwiches, soups, and salads or quiche.

The students of the cooking school will not be operating the café, however. Renowned professional chefs associated with the school will be in charge of preparing the fare at the French café each day. Students’ time is spent focusing on the important things – their education. Those pursuing a career in the culinary arts at this cooking school learn from the best in the business. “Le Cordon Bleu” is an excellent item on a future chef’s resume because of the focus on learning by the staff at the school.