Hartstone Hosts Immersion Cooking at 5-Day Summer School

Students on summer vacation from an area culinary arts school in and around the city of Camden, Maine might find a fulfilling way to bolster their cooking classes

A Tuscan fare immersion cooking school is being hosted by Hartstone Inn & Hideaway over a period of five days in June, treating guests to the experience of Italian Tuscan cooking through classes taught by the famous Italian chef, Benedetta Vitali.

Chef Vitali is teaching her students how to cook authentic Tuscan foods through a series of classes, cooking sessions, and tasting sessions that are anticipated to incite enthusiasm for the well-love cuisine. The cooking school totally immerses students in the entire process of Tuscan cooking – from choosing the right ingredients to presentation and everything in between.

The senses play a vital role in all forms of culinary art, but for Italians the use of all senses comes into play when putting together the perfect Italian dish. The classes will also discuss how choosing the perfect ingredients take a lot more effort than checking off a list at a local supermarket. It may require the extra effort of finding a local produce market, butcher, and herbalist to get just the right ingredients. She’ll teach the class how the right ingredients appear, feel to the touch, and smell in order to help them make a more informed purchase.

The cooking school costs just over $1200, but includes accommodations at the hotel for five nights, breakfast, lunch, and several field trips to local vineyards, markets, and artisan stores where students will experience and taste the ingredients of fine Tuscan fare.

The immersion cooking class is coordinated thanks to the owners of Hartstone Inn and is not limited to students. Chef Benedetta Vitali is known the world over as a premier Italian chef and the winner of multiple awards in her industry.


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    Hartstone Hosts Immersion Cooking at 5-Day Summer School…

    Immersion cooking school comes to Camden, ME for 5 days this summer….