Levels of Culinary Arts School Degrees

Earning a degree from a culinary arts school might seem like something that only those who wish to become a chef would do, but the truth is there are a lot of reasons to go to a cooking school; especially for those who wish to work in the hospitality industry or be paid well for creating delicious cuisine. There are several types of culinary art degrees. Graduate programs at a cooking school vary from basic, fundamental training to advanced, detailed and artistic culinary skills.

The least of the programs offered at cooking schools are diplomas and certifications. Diplomas and certificates are often the prerequisite education for applying to a more advanced degree program, but can be used by those who just love to cook. With a diploma or certificate, graduates can apply to entry level jobs in the culinary arts field and work assisting other chefs or sues chefs in a kitchen. It usually takes less than a year to graduate from a certificate program and the education is focused on the very basics principles of cooking.

An Associate Degree program from a cooking school teaches about all of the advanced principles of cooking and focuses on fine-tuning skills and techniques that are used in the preparation of food items. Students in cooking school learn about all of the cultural foods that are on the market and how to prepare some specialty items such as sauces. They also delve into beverages, pastries, and other types of culinary art. It takes about two-years to complete an Associate Degree program.

A Bachelor Degree program also focuses on the fine-tuned skills of future chefs, but includes more ancillary training in the liberal arts. As with most degree programs, an element of arts is required to bring the student a well-rounded approach to the art of cooking, so cooking schools make relevant liberal are courses available to students.

The highest echelon of cooking school degree programs is a Masters Degree, which takes an additional 2-year study for most students. This is the type of degree required to enter the job market at an executive or management position and can open the doors to many job opportunities in the hospitality and high-end restaurant industries. Because it does delve into the management and operations of food providers, it’s the perfect culinary art school program for chefs and cooking aficionados that intend to open a restaurant following graduation.

At most levels of business, having a degree in a related field of study or in culinary arts specifically will put students several steps ahead in what is known to be a very competitive industry.  A degree from a culinary art school shows future employers that a person is so passionate about food or the industry, that they were willing to invest their own time and money into learning how to be the best in the culinary arts world.