The Highest Paying Chef Jobs

Whether you are already in a culinary arts program or thinking about going to cooking school, it is likely that you have already considered some of the best paying jobs in the culinary arts industry. Because experience, education, and venue define the pay range for chefs, it can be difficult to decide which types of chef jobs will pay the most. There are a few rules that seems to apply to all types of chefs who are earning a substantial income in the field of culinary arts:

  1. Education is critical. You must be versatile and knowledgeable about the job.
  2. Having a specialty helps – if you can work where this skill is needed. Some chefs excel by being experts in a specific type of cuisine.
  3. Nothing replaces good, old-fashioned experience. The highest paid chefs in the country are usually the most experienced chefs.
  4. Venue is important. Chefs working at fine-dining establishments tend to make more money than those that work at less established restaurants.

High-earning chefs are paid so well for a variety of reasons, but these four rules always seem to apply. Another common thread among top paid chefs is the ability to enterprise.

MSNBC recently profiled some of the highest paying chefs in the country. At the top of their list is the renowned Chef Wolfgang Puck. According to the report, Puck is successful as a chef and as an entrepreneur. This makes him both prolific in the culinary arts industry and as a well-paid business person. Below we’ve listed a partial list of the top highest-paid chefs in the country. To view the entire MSNB report: THE 15 HIGHEST PAID CHEFS IN AMERICA

#1: Wolfgang Puck – “As enterprising as they come, Puck can boast 21 fine dining restaurants around the nation, numerous cookbooks, a TV career that has included appearances on Frasier, Las Vegas, and The Simpsons as well as a cooking-show Emmy, and lines of food products, cookware, and appliances (among them a coffeemaker and the coffee pods to go with it). He has even made forays into fast(ish) food with more than 50 Wolfgang Puck Express locations in the U.S., Canada, and Japan.”

#2: Jamie Oliver – “Having finally lived down the lascivious-sounding moniker “The Naked Chef” (which in fact referred to his penchant for simplicity in food, not his uniform while cooking), Oliver has become as well-known for his charity and food activism as for his stripped-down, ingredient-focused cuisine. Although Oliver has over 20 restaurants in the U.K., Dubai, and Australia, Americans are more familiar with his cooking shows and more recently his reality series about America’s child obesity rates, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.”

#3: Alain Ducasse – “His countryman Joël Robuchon may be more respected by most critics as a chef, but Ducasse, who can certainly hold his own in the cooking department, operates about 30 restaurants and three hotels spanning the globe, with a total annual revenue of more than $80 million.”

To view the entire MSNB report: THE 15 HIGHEST PAID CHEFS IN AMERICA