AZ Cooking Program Moves to New School

  Students in an Arizona professional cooking program will soon be asked to transfer their studies to another college in the area. The culinary arts program at Mesa Community College experienced significant challenges when it came to class locations and facilities, but the school chose to resolve this issue by transferring the program to another local college. In a win-win for students and … [Read more...]

San Fran Culinary Art Program Limited by Budget Cuts

An article from the San Francisco Chronicle this week is calling on alumni and restaurant owners to help save the culinary arts program at an area college. The school is facing a major budget cut that could result in losing an important part of the culinary art program’s curriculum: real time training in the school’s cafeteria. The cuts will cost the school less than 25% of the overall culinary … [Read more...]

Culinary Art Students Take on Secret Ingredient

Culinary art students learn a great deal about the pressure and challenges of a real commercial kitchen through culinary art competitions like the Iron Chef competition hosted by Atlantic Cape Community College’s Academy of Culinary Arts. And it’s about much more than knowing how to cook – competitions require months of advanced planning, often involve at least one surprise element for students to … [Read more...]

Culinary Art School Plans New Facility

While culinary art classes focus primarily on the details of the art, teaching students about nutrition, seasoning, and knife handling, it is still important that students be exposed to equipment they will find in a commercial kitchen. HGTC is one school that is upping the ante on their student’s resources by building a new culinary art facility this year. The new building should bring students in … [Read more...]

Culinary Art Class Hosts Extravaganza

A culinary arts class in a high school near Galveston, Texas is proving that you don’t have to wait to go to cooking college to compete with skilled chefs. According to The Daily News, students from the school will take part in a cooking event that blends student cuisine with that of professional chefs: LEAGUE CITY — The age-old excuse “The dog ate my homework” doesn’t get much play in Chef … [Read more...]

Cooking School Returns to Virginia

A cooking school program returned to a Virginia college this year. As more people begin to take on training in subjects for which they are passionate, schools like Blue Ridge Technical Center are opening doors once again to culinary art students and food aficionados who want to learn more about their favorite pastime. “After canceling the program for two years, the Blue Ridge Technical Center, … [Read more...]

New Cooking Schools Speak of Interest in Culinary Arts

As more people decide to choose a career for which they can be passionate, culinary art schools catch the eye of many. Whether individuals want to go into restaurant management, hospitality, or become a chef – cooking schools can help prepare you for a variety of culinary art occupations.  This may be one of the reasons that new cooking schools seem to be opening up all over the place: It seems … [Read more...]

Cooking Classes from Cookery School Live

Cooking classes can take place in a higher education institute, where students learn to skills of their trade day-in and day-out. But for those who are still on the fence about what school to attend or undecided if cooking school is the right choice for their future, cooking classes that are informal can help make a decision. Cookery School Live is one of the companies that offers the latter to … [Read more...]

Culinary Art Students Sous Chef at James Beard Restaurant

Students interested in a career in the culinary arts can jump-start their futures by graduating from a culinary art school that provides the foundation of cooking skills they will need throughout their professional life. Students who invest in a formal education from a culinary art college can learn how to become a chef and many hope to one day work in a top restaurant or even open their own … [Read more...]

New Cooking School in Wisconsin

As one Wisconsin report points out, cooking schools are seeing a huge increase in enrollments recently. Whether this is because more people are deciding to pursue a career about which they can be compassionate or because they grew up on the food network, one thing is for sure: more students are looking at cooking schools in the U.S. Reporter Nancy Stohs (of the Journal Sentinal) commented on … [Read more...]