Important Lessons to Learn While in Cooking School

There are some challenges in the life of a chef that just can’t be taught within the confines of culinary arts classes.   As vetted culinary artists share, we don’t learn “everything” there is to know in cooking school. None the less, there are plenty of other skills that can come in handy that may surprise many culinary art school graduates. The chefs featured in the article below know a … [Read more...]

School Offers Cooking Classes in Italy

A cooking school in Cambridge, Massachusetts is offering its students a unique opportunity to study culinary arts in another country for a special, international diploma program. The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts recently announced that students, professionals, and others interested in the culinary arts can earn a diploma for studying the art of Italian cooking in Italy. The program is … [Read more...]

Cooking School Received Accreditation for 33rd Year

A cooking School in South Carolina was recently awarded its re-accreditation and celebrates its thirty-third year in business as a culinary arts education leader. The Horry-Georgetown Technical College’s Culinary Arts Program, going strong for more than three decades, announced that their secret lies in the exception staff and faculty at the school. Accreditation for cooking schools is … [Read more...]

Catering Company Opens Cooking School

A catering company recently opened a new cooking school in Wilton, Connecticut after being in the business for nearly two-decades. The AMG Catering company, owned and operated by Alison Milwe-Grace, has decided to open a cooking school in Wilton to offer cooking classes to children and adults in the area. Milwe-Grace has partnered with an event coordinator to get the cooking school going. … [Read more...]

Cooking Classes that Rock the Stage

A popular cooking school is using music as a means of entertainment during some of its cooking classes and demonstrations in Nebraska. The Taste of Home cooking school recently hit the stage in Chadron, Nebraska and impressed audiences with some of Neil Diamond’s music to help set the mood. This is the second year in a row that the cooking school has made its way to Chadron and last year … [Read more...]

New Cooking School Offers Unique Classes in WI

A popular local chef has opened his own cooking school in Madison, WI where area students can go to learn through two modes of teaching: hands-on and demonstration-based. The new cooking school is called the Flambe’ Gourmet and has already commenced classes; holding a tamale class, a baking class, and Sunday dinner that included the members of a local book club. The new cooking school is now … [Read more...]

Cooking School Hosts Veteran Cooking Classes

Cooking classes sponsored by the Wounded Warriors Project is making a difference in the lives of veterans at a cooking school in New York. The Culinary Institute of America is hosting the cooking classes, which teaches older veterans the ins and outs of fine cooking while allowing them to spend time with other veterans who understand the obstacles they have had to face in the past. The … [Read more...]

Cooking School Wins State Contest, Heading to Nationals Next

A cooking competition in February was won by a group of high school students from the Technology Center of Dupage in Addison, Illinois after a fierce battle to win the title of State Champion. The 11th Annual Prostart Invitational cooking competition on February 25th was setup to showcase the skills of students in culinary art classes from all over the state of Illinois. The cooking … [Read more...]

Cooking School Sustainability Awards

A cooking school in Chicago is co-sponsoring an award competition with a cooking education advancement organization for cooking schools throughout the country. Kendall College of Culinary Arts and the Center for the Advancement of Foodservice Education will award the second 2012 CAFÉ/Kendall Green Award to a cooking school that has demonstrated a commitment to environmental sustainability … [Read more...]

Cooking School Hosts Demo for Future Classes

A culinary art school is partnered up with a famous culinary market today to provide the public with impromptu cooking classes by a well-known chef. The Boston Public Market Association and the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts hosted the tapas cooking demonstration to provide an example of the types of cuisines that are being cooked up during future demonstrations by local chefs using products … [Read more...]