Cooking College’s Healthy Chef Training Produces Star Chefs, Authors, Champions

Students with a great passion to become a vegetarian chef are given the chance to enroll in cooking college that focuses most of its curriculum on natural whole foods. The Natural Gourmet Institute was developed with the Culinary Arts Chef’s Training Program move than ten years ago to help chefs-to-be learn how to cook healthy, wholesome gourmet cuisine. The cooking college is accredited and … [Read more...]

Culinary Arts Student Wins Paid Trip to Taiwan

A student of a culinary arts school in Chicago, IL recently won a trip to Taiwan following her win of the college’s first-ever Taiwanese themed cooking show-down. Kendall College School of Culinary Arts recently announced that their student, Tayler Moore impressed the judges with her ensemble of pickled mustard greens, chicken, and Thai basil and cilantro salad. Impressing the expert judges … [Read more...]

Cooking School Partners with Ocean Reef Club to Provide Jobs to Students

A private club in Key Largo, Florida and a cooking school in Indiana, Pennsylvania have teamed up to help the graduates of the school’s culinary arts program find job and gain work experience. The Ocean Reef Club is the biggest of its kind in the nation and the Indiana University of Pennsylvania is a favorite cooking school of a senior director at the club. Philippe P. Reynaud, the director … [Read more...]

Cooking Schools Add Flavor of Excitement with Competitions

Students at a cooking school are learning how to cook up some competition in their high school-based technical program. This is common among cooking colleges, as competitions not only offer a way to showcase their skills but add the flavor of excitement to the end of a term. Ottawa Township High School recently reintroduced its cooking school program for students with an interest in … [Read more...]

Culinary Arts School Competition Hosts Big-Names and Outstanding Students

A cooking competition in March will allow the students of more than seventy culinary arts schools to show off their newly acquired skills. The 10th annual S. Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition is an intense, competitive race where culinary arts schools can exhibit the fruits of their labor while shaping the chefs of tomorrow. The competition allows the students at various cooking … [Read more...]

Cooking Colleges, Vocational Enrollments Continue to Increase

If you want to survive in the current economic client, it might be time to consider a vocational trade education like cooking school. Industry statistics show that students who enter into a technical trade and gain a degree or certification are more likely to land a job. Technical schools have experienced significant gains in newly enrolled students in the last few years and the cooking school … [Read more...]

Cooking Schools, Technical Education Colleges Becoming More Available

Payton Pugh, a high school student in Winchester, VA was faced with a few options when it came to where she wanted to attend cooking school. This trend seems to be fairly common among teens aspiring to become a chef or enter into any other technical trade. Pugh graduated high school last year and was offer positions at several cooking schools in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and as far away … [Read more...]

High School Students Cook to Prep for Culinary Arts College

Culinary arts classes at Plano East High School are helping students to prepare for cooking college by introducing them to the foundational knowledge they will need to be successful. The classes, which are also open to students from Plano West and Plano Senior high schools, have gained increasing interest over the last few years according to the Culinary Arts Director there. Lois Conwell … [Read more...]

Culinary Arts School Celebrates First Graduating Class

Culinary arts students who attended nearly one-on-one cooking studies at an Abilene, TX cooking school are the first graduates from the program. Texas State Technical College Culinary Institute is a new department of the college and just fourteen students made it through the classes. Cooking classes were attended over a one year period, during which the small number of students were able to … [Read more...]

Culinary Arts Schools Challenge Teen Chefs to Win Scholarships, Cash

Teens will compete to win a scholarship to a popular culinary arts program at the International Culinary Schools at The Art Institutes. The 13th annual Art Institutes Best Teen Chef Competition is open to high school seniors and recent graduates who are interested in becoming a chef. This is the first year that the competition for the culinary arts schools will host high school graduates in … [Read more...]