Culinary Arts School Set to Serve the Public in New Facility

A new culinary arts facility in Santa Rosa, CA is ready to open its doors in January. Santa Rosa Junior College’s students and the members of the surrounding community will benefit from new specialty course programs and retail kitchens open to the public. The B. Robert Burdo Culinary Arts Center is a newly constructed, two-story teaching facility under planning since 2003. Students already … [Read more...]

Cooking School Students Earning Cocktail Credits

A cooking school in Rhode Island is offering a unique opportunity for culinary students interested in alcohol-mixed beverage specialties. Johnson & Whales, a coastal cooking school in Providence is one of few institutes to offer up real course credits for advanced studies in making alcoholic beverages. The complete state-of-the-art beverage lab opened in 2010 at the Cuisinart Center for … [Read more...]

Cooking up a Career

Lovell Mobley is hitting the books. He's a 37-year-old student going back to school to support his family. "I'm just trying to pay rent and proceed and trying to keep my head above water," Lovell says. Lovell was laid off from a manufacturing company in 2009. But he hopes the kitchen will be his new office. "I'm in the baking and pastry program with the sugar works, the chocolate, the … [Read more...]