Chinese Cooking Class for Exchange Students

Students who study abroad at the Keats Chinese Language School in China are getting a very special treat from the school designed to enrich the cultural experiences of the country’s exchange students. At the request of students, a new culinary arts class will commence for foreign students who want to learn more about Chinese Cuisine and cooking techniques.

(PRWEB) May 29, 2012

Keats Chinese Language School in Yunnan of China provides Chinese language and culture programs to foreign students who want to learn Chinese in China. Keats School also provides students with food and accommodation service in order to help students get used to the life in China as soon as possible. To accommodate many requests of Chinese cooking classes from the students, Keats School now offers a new Chinese culture program – Chinese cooking class.

Compared to the professional cooking schools which offer semester long class and do not accept short-term studies, Keats School’s cooking class is very flexible and students can start anytime. In addition, the tuition fee for the Chinese cooking class at Keats Chinese School is relatively low in contrast with other cooking schools.

Students who stay in China to learn Chinese language for a long time may be familiar with the famous Chinese dishes such as salted chicken cubes with chilli and peanuts, braised beef in sauce, stewed tofu with minced pork in pepper sauce and dumplings and so on. Keats School has prepared recipes for more than 200 dishes for students to learn to practice. The chefs in Kunming Keats Chinese School will teach the students through one-one-one learning style to help them master the basic element in Chinese cooking. The English version of the recipes is provided for reference. Generally speaking, for the home style dishes, two dishes can be finished within two hours. Accordingly, the ten-hour learning will help students…

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