Cooking Classes that Rock the Stage

A popular cooking school is using music as a means of entertainment during some of its cooking classes and demonstrations in Nebraska.

The Taste of Home cooking school recently hit the stage in Chadron, Nebraska and impressed audiences with some of Neil Diamond’s music to help set the mood.

This is the second year in a row that the cooking school has made its way to Chadron and last year they played the tunes of Elvis. This year, Chef Guy Klinzing taught audience members how to cook 10 recipes along with various cooking tips and tricks. Local radio stations sponsored the cooking show and reports claimed that the sponsors were happy with the number of people that showed up for the event.

The Taste of Home Cooking School provides unique cooking classes to the public in hundreds of cities every year. The expert chefs that travel with the program teach at an average of 300 cooking events every year in the United States. The classes consist of a 2-hour demonstration in multiple recipes. Chefs show the students in the audience step-by-step instructions for preparing the recipes at home. As a parting gift for attending the cooking school demonstration, the audience members each get a Taste of Home cookbook and a gift bag. The cooking school also provides door-prizes and contests throughout the show to keep things exciting for participants.

Attending a cooking school demonstration can help future chefs and culinary artists decide on the type of cuisine they want to learn to cook and even if cooking classes is something that really interests them. While cooking class demonstrations with The Taste of Home Cooking School may be a bit more exciting than actual cooking classes, accredited institutions will teach students much more in the finer points of the culinary arts.