Cooking School Returns to Virginia

A cooking school program returned to a Virginia college this year. As more people begin to take on training in subjects for which they are passionate, schools like Blue Ridge Technical Center are opening doors once again to culinary art students and food aficionados who want to learn more about their favorite pastime.

“After canceling the program for two years, the Blue Ridge Technical Center, starting last fall, now offers a culinary arts course to county juniors and seniors.

The class, which used to be called Food Service, is led by a certified chef and gives students a year-long look at the basic concepts and techniques of cooking.

Upon hearing that the class was canceled, Devin Smith urged school officials to bring it back, and let him be the course instructor.

Smith, a Front Royal native and graduate of Warren County High School, went through the program 20 years ago and knew how important it was to students.

“When I was growing up, like these kids, I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life,” he said. “But I knew I loved food.”

After attending culinary school in Baltimore, Smith worked in various restaurants in Virginia, but eventually came back to his home town. He and another colleague started the downtown restaurant Soul Mountain, which he has since left. However, Smith continues to own and operate Deliteful Foods Catering.

Smith says he is able to incorporate his diverse experiences into his teaching, and it helps him relate to his students.” (Read more from MVDaily)

Students typically learn more from instructors who have vast experience in the areas they are teaching. Many culinary art schools work hard to hire only those instructors who have plenty of experience in their field. By combining teaching methods, core curriculum, and real-life anecdotes, instructors can poise students to become successful in the culinary arts.

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