Culinary Art Class Hosts Extravaganza

A culinary arts class in a high school near Galveston, Texas is proving that you don’t have to wait to go to cooking college to compete with skilled chefs. According to The Daily News, students from the school will take part in a cooking event that blends student cuisine with that of professional chefs:

LEAGUE CITY — The age-old excuse “The dog ate my homework” doesn’t get much play in Chef Lann Perkins’ class. The 75 students in his culinary arts classes at Clear Springs High School in League City know there are plenty of people who would love to eat the schoolwork they make.

The community will get that chance to taste the students’ creations Friday at the fifth annual Culinary Arts Extravaganza, which will showcase the school’s culinary arts program, the only one in the Clear Creek Independent School District. In addition to the wide variety of food prepared by the students, eight guest chefs will present dishes ranging from Snapper Veronique to Duck Cassoulet.

It might be a challenge to distinguish the dishes made by professional chefs from the students’ work.

“Leading up to the extravaganza, we do a whole project on menu design, and whatever they chose to make had to have a wow factor,” Perkins said.

The culinary arts program extends through three school years, building the students’ expertise in the kitchen through coursework, cooking in the program’s restaurant-caliber kitchen and optional internships at local restaurants. Students who complete the program gain the skills needed to be accepted into college-level culinary courses or to work professionally as a prep chef.

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Students in culinary art colleges also participate in events like the Culinary Arts Extravaganza to learn how to handle the stress of the real environment that a chef faces every day. Working in the kitchen at an exclusive restaurant can feel similar to competitions, with high-pressure and competition always in play.

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