Culinary Arts Teacher Talks Business

Culinary arts colleges teach students all about cooking and most delve into the finer points of restaurant and hospitality management. In high school programs, students commonly focus on the fundamentals of cooking. However, one teacher is teaching her high school class about the art of cooking and business in a blended curriculum.

RGJ – The Dust Devil Diner at Dayton High School was created by teacher David Palmer as a classroom environment designed to teach students how to cook, serve and handle all aspects of the diner’s business.

The students combine their culinary skills with a marketing class, giving them a complete understanding of the restaurant business.

From 10-11:20 a.m., students are preparing for the first lunch period of the day. They are busy creating salad, salad dressing, sauces, and other items–all from scratch. Students do everything at the Dust Devil Diner–the cooking, the preparation, the cleaning, the serving, taking money from guests, keeping the books, and the marketing.

Palmer said, “The classes I teach, hopefully prepare my students for part-time jobs they hold now, while they are in college and for possibly future careers in the food industry.

Approximately 75 percent of the Americans work in the food-service business at some time in their lives.

Travis Scheiwiller is in his fourth year in Culinary Arts class and said, “I’ve always loved to cook; its just fun for me.” He has been accepted to the Le Cordon Bleu School in Carson City, but won’t start until a year after graduating from DHS. Scheiwiller said he wanted to earn some money first so he wouldn’t have to borrow so much later on with student loans.

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