New Cooking School Offers Unique Classes in WI

A popular local chef has opened his own cooking school in Madison, WI where area students can go to learn through two modes of teaching: hands-on and demonstration-based.

The new cooking school is called the Flambe’ Gourmet and has already commenced classes; holding a tamale class, a baking class, and Sunday dinner that included the members of a local book club.

The new cooking school is now taking reservations online for students interested in attending some of the specialty courses offered by Chef Angelo Cattaneo, including sushi rolling, pizza workshop, fresh pasta workshop, dinner series classes, and the art of braising meats to name a few.

The cooking classes are targeted at people of all experience levels; from beginners to experts who want to learn a new dish or cooking style. The two styles of cooking classes allow students to either work in the kitchen and prepare their own meals or attend demonstration classes where students can sit and watch the meal being prepared and explained by the instructor.

At demonstration classes, students are served a portion of the food for tasting. In the hands-on classes, students get to eat their creation (drinks included, in many cases). Demonstration classes seat 20 and hands-on classes seat 12, so reservations are necessary to ensure there is enough room for all interested students. The cooking school also hosts private cooking parties for corporate team building exercises, bridal showers, birthdays, and intimate dinner parties where education and flavor experience is the focus of the event.

Chef Cattaneo started Flambe Gourmet cooking school with his wide as a catering company a few years ago, when it was their intention to eventually expand the base of their business. A cooking school was in the original plans and they were able to build interest in classes during that time. To attend a cooking class, payments must be made at the time of registration and classes can be reserved at Flambe’ Gourmet’s website.