San Fran Culinary Art Program Limited by Budget Cuts

An article from the San Francisco Chronicle this week is calling on alumni and restaurant owners to help save the culinary arts program at an area college. The school is facing a major budget cut that could result in losing an important part of the culinary art program’s curriculum: real time training in the school’s cafeteria. The cuts will cost the school less than 25% of the overall culinary arts budget, but the effects could be detrimental to the program and the success of college graduates that leave the program. It might seem obvious to some that real-world practice is essential to any professional degree program, but there are few places in which the program can be trimmed to accommodate the budget cut.

According to the article, “San Francisco, which thinks of itself as the center of the food universe, is in danger of losing its most prestigious program for training the restaurateurs, chefs and waiters of tomorrow. City College’s department of culinary arts and hospitality studies must cut $250,000 from its $1.6 million budget, forcing it to close the school cafeteria where budding food workers serve 900 meals a day and get hands-on experience deemed crucial by potential employers. The loss would severely harm the program.” (Read More.)

Although it is just one college, it sets precedence for future cuts in the state and can significantly impact the local job market for students in San Francisco and businesses who might hire them. Perhaps this is the reason that the San Francisco Chronicle is calling on other interested parties to change the outcome:

“Alumni of City College: It’s time to step up to the plate. Remember when UC Berkeley announced last year that it was disbanding its baseball team because Cal couldn’t afford it anymore? Alumni and others then launched a frantic fundraising effort that saved the program. If they can do it, so can you.” (More details here.)

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