The New Professional Chef (TM)

The New Professional Chef (TM)

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Produced by the Culinary Institute of America as a textbook for chefs-to-be, The New Professional Chef, Sixth Edition, is a book for all who love to cook, as well as students of the craft. It's a cooking school between covers, a teaching and reference work of extraordinary breadth.

In the first two of four parts, arranged in a progressive, logical sequence, the book provides a brief historical overview of the chef's role and discusses matters of interest to all cooks: the identification and purchasing of ingredients, nutrition, food safety, and sanitation, among other matters. The third part explores the techniques that underlie all cooking, from mise en place (readying ingredients), through sauces and soups and the dry- and moist-heat cooking methods, to charcuterie, baking, and pastry. This section, illustrated as elsewhere in the book by step-by-step color photos, line drawings, tables, and charts, is an unendingly informative book in itself. The book concludes with the recipes, arranged as a professional would want them, in chapters devoted to food categories such as sauces and entrees; breakfast and pasta dishes; and breads, cakes and pastries, among others. The hundreds of recipes (500 new to this edition) are designed for 10 or more servings; though reducible, their outstanding usefulness lies in revealing dish anatomy--the way recipes work. Updated with a 50-page chapter on international fare, and containing cooking trucs throughout, material on dietary substitutions, historical and anecdotal information, and serving suggestions, The New Professional Chef is an A to Z resource no culinary library should lack. --Arthur Boehm


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  1. says


    I have purchased this book 5 times and I have never regretted once giving it as a gift. I’m buying it for the 6th time now and this time it’s mine. I’ve been a chef/cook for 10 years and I can’t exaggerate how helpful the recipes in the New Professional Chef have been.

  2. Scott Anderson says


    As the Catering Director of Shepherd College, I find myself using this book quite frequently. It has everything in it; from outlining of options for the Professional Chef to the detailed glossery of food items and culinary lingo.

    This book has the specifics right down to variations of the same recipe. Cover to cover this book is worth more than triple it’s weight in truffles. The very essense of Western Cuisine is to be found right here.

    It offers the budding Chef or casual gourmet a chance to challenge his skills and hone his craft on a variety of recipes. You get the basics followed up by pictures and detailed instruction and further support with recipes that are outlined from start to finish.

    Every Chef, Professional or Amateur needs a copy of this book close at hand.

  3. sherri j. thorne says


    My mother wanted me to learn how to cook. I had no interest, and often gave her the slip. Why learn, when she was an excellent cook? Once, on the pretence of “helping” her bake a pound cake, she tricked me into doing the whole thing by myself! It is a different story now, because if I don’t cook, I don’t eat. Take out has its limits in more ways than one. The New Professional Chef is perfect for someone like me. The title did not scare me one jot, because I needed professional help. The truth is, that this book is REALLY for everyone. Perfect for ANYONE really, who if forced to have just one general reference/cookbook, which would be kept close at hand in the kitchen, could find EVERYTHING one needed to know about: Nutrition and Healthy Cooking, Equipment Identification(knife identification, hand tools, pots & pans), Raw Ingredients (excellent illustrations on various cuts of meat, poultry and game birds, fish & shellfish, a wonderful section on grains), and my favorite section, Mise en Place, which shows you the necessary skills & techniques that you will need in the preparation of ANY meal. Various cooking methods are also presented, and a great many recipes are available to chose from. This is the perfect gift for anyone from a college graduate who is setting up their first apartment, to newlyweds. I rely on it often, and it is a trusted reference book that I would not do without!

    My mother would be ecstatic if she could see me now.

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    Great book that I used in culinary school. It is easy to follow and found it quite helpful with many of my culinary classes. If you want a great study guide for nutrition class, I recommend:

    Nutritional Study Guide for Food Service and Culinary Professionals: Key Review Questions and Answers, isbn is 1933023058. This study guide has similar kind of questions that I experienced on my nutrition exams in culinary school. The New Professional Chef will be also a great reference for years to come.

  5. Anonymous says


    The New Professional Chef is a must have reference . This book covers the much needed techniques that all successful chefs need to know. A book that you will constantly refer to when ever a question arises about a method or technique. Following the methods in the text will greatly enhance your professional abilities. Recipes are excellent and are easy to scale down if needed. Written for those who take their cooking seriously. I highly recommend this addition to your library.

  6. David Levine says


    After 29 years in the Hospitality Food Service Industry I have finally found one book that encompasses most of what one needs to know as a Chef, Professional or Amateur. Concise, precise and easy to comprhend this book is a God-send. I have been living and working in Asia/Thailand for the last seven years and for the last year I have had this book as my constant companion in conveying to the local chefs who work for me the ins and outs of Western Cuisines.

    Despite the fact that English is their second language they all reach for this book first for reference and ideas. I think it may even “disappear” one day.

    It’s practicality and no nonsense approach is a universal one and can not be denied. I wish I had written it.

  7. Paul Coffey says


    As a professional chef myself and a graduate of the California Culinary Academy, I keep 2 copies of this incredibly wonderful cookbook.
    It is an absolute necessity in anybodies kitchen from the novice to the Professional.
    After spending 2 years at chefs school in the early 70’s and opening a chain of restaurants in Los Angeles, I got into a rut and lost not only my imagination but also forgot from lack of use many of my culinary skills.
    This book is more than just a cookbook, it is an encyclopedia of knowledge. While most of the recipes are scaled for large quantities, they are easy to scale down due to the use of weight as a measure rather than volume.
    If you were to buy only one cookbook to last a lifetime this would be the one. While it is pricey, you must realize the amount of time that has gone into the preparation of such a tome.
    I highly recommend this book for you. If you are intersted in the buffet table the book called the garde manger, also a CIA book, is an excellent training manual.

  8. Michael Fletcher says


    The New Professional Chef is a wonderful, albeit unwieldy, collection of recipes and cooking techniques for the aspiring professional or amateur chef.

    My wife and I had the good fortune of dining at the Culinary Institute of America at Greystone in picturesque St. Helena, California right in the middle of Napa Valley. The Wine Spectator Greystone restaurant on the campus is a wonderful place to dine and I heartily recommend it. The atmosphere is inviting and it’s great to watch the chefs preparing mouth-watering dishes in the open kitchen. It was a treat for me, as a cooking enthusiast, to visit this presitigous cooking school.

    After visiting the CIA, I found this book and knew I had to have it as a reference foundation for my cooking skills. It has step-by-step techniques and recipes presented in a concise and easy to follow manner. I would recommend this book to anyone serious about learning the skills that professional chefs use every day.

    Please note that a kitchen scale is highly desirable when using the recipes. Most recipes use weight measurements instead of volume. Additionally, you will find that the recipes will need scaling down to feed average families, since they are designed for the professional restaurant chef.

    Great for the serious cooking enthusiast!

  9. Rating

    We haven’t used a recipe from this book yet that didn’t give us great results. The quantities are generally pretty large (but you can scale them back), and the recipes are not always simple, but if you want food that TASTES GOOD this could be the one for you. I wouldn’t be without it.

    Bob Woodson

  10. Rating

    I am a baker and brewer and I have aspired to attending the CIA for some time. After reading this book I still want to go, but I feel a much greater respect for the place. I found this book to be inspiring, enlightening and terrifying. The rigors that were described in this book made my days at infantry school seem almost easy by comparison. This was a great read that I would reccomend to anyone whether they wanted to be a cook or not.