KitchenAid 80419 Gourmet Essentials 12-Piece Nonstick Hard-Anodized Cookware Set

KitchenAid 80419 Gourmet Essentials 12-Piece Nonstick Hard-Anodized Cookware Set

KitchenAid 80419 Gourmet Essentials 12-Piece Nonstick Hard-Anodized Cookware Set Rating:
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Product Description

KitchenAid's Gourmet Essentials line features nonstick cookware constructed from hard-anodized aluminum that provides long-term durability and outstanding performance. The nonstick surface offers convenient cooking, easy release and hassle-free cleanup! Comfortable cool-grip handles feature an 18/10 stainless steel shaft encased in soft silicone rubber. Some of the cookware also come with break-resistant glass lids: these are dome-shaped lids which shut tightly to secure all the moisture, nutrients and flavor. Dishwasher safe. This set includes:1-qt. saucepan with lid2-qt. saucepan with lid8-qt. stockpot with lid8-in. French skillet10-in. French skillet12-in. Saut?? pan with lid


  • Set includes 1-, 2-, and 3-quart covered saucepans; 8- and 10-inch skillets; 8-quart covered stockpot; 12-inch covered saute with helper handle
  • Heavy-gauge hard-anodized aluminum construction heats quickly and evenly
  • Premium, scratch-resistant nonstick surface provides superior food release
  • Dual-riveted stainless handles with silicone grips; break-resistant glass lids
  • Pots and lids oven-safe to 400 degrees F; wash by hand; 1-year hassle-free replacement warranty


  1. T. Richardson says


    I’m very satisfied with these, had them for almost 2 months and no problems. Glad I bought them early, because I only paid $134.99 (after a $22.00 discount) from Amazon, now they’re charging $237 for them. They clean very easy, no scrub needed, even if you let the food sit in them overnight. No major scratches, if you take care of them they’ll be fine. The covers are great, I like the glass, nice to see how the food is cooking without having to lift the lid. The cover handles are a lil awkward, not allowing you to stack the covers on top of each other. And if you don’t hold the cover handles exactly on the plastic grips the medal part gets hot, but those are minor issues. Overall a very good product and so happy I was able to throw my el-cheapo pots away. Hope to have these for years to come.

  2. Rating

    I was given a set of stainless steel cookware for Christmas last year, but returned it and purchased these instead and have thoroughly enjoyed cooking with these pans in the past year. As one who is easily distracted and is self-taught in the cooking arts, I wanted non-stick cookware that could go directly from stovetop to oven and that would cook evenly. My other requirements were silicone handles and glass lids. I absolutely love these pans and cook with them nearly every day. They cook eggs great and are so easy to wipe clean after use. My in-laws purchased titanium pans (nearly $1000) and they are worth every penny. But, my mother-in-law waited 30 yrs. to spend that much and after using my set, she told me that my pans are the next best thing (and this Kitchenaid set is very affordable). I recommend them to everyone I know. If you are contemplating the 10 piece set, I say spend the extra and get this set because the 5 qt. covered saute is my most-prized pan, and the 8 qt. stock pot prevents spillovers when boiling pasta. Definitely worth the money and then some. Great cookware!

  3. Amazon Jams says


    Kitchenaid has always produced outstanding products, and this cookware set will not disappoint. We purchased the accompanying griddle to complete the set. In no time we gave away every other pot and pan in the kitchen (except for a couple of iron skillets)–we don’t need them any longer!

    The glass lids easier to clean that I expected; I suspected that glass polish would have to be used after washing. Instead, dry the lids soon after rinsing, and no streaks should result.

    Significant room for lid storage will be required due to the high profile of the handles. On the other hand, the teflon handles are cool to the touch, which are an outstanding help and worth the extra storage space.

    The features, performance, and appearance of the set compete with sets costing twice as much. I really have found no drawbacks to this set at all.

  4. Rating

    I bought this set before Christmas for the amazing price of only $119.99. I’ve seen it several other places for $199.99. They are heavy weight pans with a great non-stick surface. Only problem I’ve had so far was frying an egg. I had a little trouble getting it out of the skillet with a nylon spatula. Other than that they are better than any set I’ve ever owned in the past.

  5. Rating

    This is an even better set than the one I bought about 8 months ago. I wish I had that larger frying pan and the really small saucepan. This cookware is excellent and quite easy to clean. The cooking surfaces cook very evenly and they are thick enough to avoid scorching. I highly recommend this set. You will love it, and anyone you give it to as a gift will love it. I do agree that storage is a little bulky, but they are so great that doesn’t bother me a bit. I put a dish towel in between stacked pans to protect the surface.

  6. Enrique Garza says


    Being a consumer reports junkie I noticed this cookware was not rated under the nonstick column so I relied on Amazon reviews and decided to purchase this set. My hats off to the people who have reviewed this item because the comments are very accurate and honest. I really love this Kitchen aid set for the following reasons:

    1. It looks just amazing to have them shown, we have visitors complimenting the looks of the pans and then they see Kitchen Aid and say “wow”. It’s a good feeling.

    2. The cooking is very fast and the burn is very even….amazing. I whipp up two eggs in under 3 minutes. The other day I cooked and omelette and upon flipping it over the cook diagragm was very evenly spaced and consistent. Again Amazing !!!

    3. Most reviewers say it is easy to clean….that is so true!!! One quick clean with either a dish sponge or a simple rag will do the job.

    3. The handles do not get warm even when warming up the pan. You can leave the pot warming and grab the handle with full confidence and you will not worry about the handle being warm.

    4. The top glass is very stylish and durable. We accidentally dropped one and not a scratch.

    5. The price with the special offer from Amazon brings this pot down to a very affordable price.

    6. These pots are enough to cover your every day cooking needs. I believe they will also last at least over 5 years so I highly recommend them.

    Again thanks to Amazon for just being Amazon, but people out there taking the time to input reviews, I want to thank you for the comments and reviews that lead me to believe there are good people still out there watching out for one another.

    Amazon is just awesome in most areas, I hardly ever shop at ebay because of Amazon.


  7. Rating

    My new husband and I were looking for a non-stick but sturdy set, with see-through lids. We got some gift certficates for our wedding we had to use. These are wonderful so far. I used to own a Caphalon set, for much more $, and I can already tell these are far superior. Handles, lid, everything is sturdy. I hate to hand wash, but these are so simple–the food just falls off, and nothing sticks anywhere. We are very happy so far, and will report more later. I saw these at Kohl’s for about $80 more (on sale!). These make cooking a joy, and clean-up simple. Glad we bought them!!

  8. Alan R. Allread says


    absolutely great cookware. looks good and cleans up good,remember don’t clean them in a dishwasher. The only thing is the glass lids are slow to dry(water gets under outside ring).

    Even when sister-in-law boiled over the top ,they looked good(not sister-in-law).

  9. D. G Sinclair says


    I read lots of reviews on the other two major brands, and decided that circulon was out because of the rings on the bottom, and many of the lower end calphalons seemed to have peeling problems. I bought this set of kitchenaid pans, and both my wife and I absolutely love them. Easy to clean, cook very nicely, had them a year and no problems at all. Just remember, don’t use metal on them, and don’t put them in the diswasher.

    The deep saucepan is awesome for lots of dishes. Very happy with this set.

  10. Rating

    This is the best cookware I’ve ever owned. The glass lids are great, the non stick is fantastic. You can actually cook without any oil, butter etc. That is great when you’re dieting. I fry eggs without actually frying…since I use no grease or oil, and they come right out.

    I would recommend this cookware to any cook, the starters or the seasoned cooks!! It get’s an A+ from me.!!