Rachael Ray 80655 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set, Orange

Rachael Ray 80655 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set, Orange

Rachael Ray 80655 10-Piece Hard-Anodized Cookware Set, Orange Rating:
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Product Description

This cookware set is an exceptional value, including all of the pans needed to equip your kitchen with the most used cooking pieces. As the set contains only basic pieces, you'll really use each and every pan. It includes sauce pans for whisking a homemade sauce or cooking your morning oatmeal, a big stockpot for soups, stews or boiling pasta, and skillets (probably the most used pan in any kitchen) that will help you turn out perfect pancakes or a tasty tuna melt.Set Includes:1.5-qt. Covered Sauce Pan3-qt. Covered Sauce Pan6-qt. Covered Stockpot8-in. Open French Skillet10-in. Open French Skillet3-qt. Covered Saute PanFeatures:Hard-Anodized Construction: Professional hard-anodized construction provides even heating throughout the pan and is preferred for its exceptional strength and durability.Grippy Silicone Handles: Contemporary stainless steel and silicone handles are comfortable to hold and oven safe to 400??F.Durable Nonstick Interior: Durable nonstick allows food to slide off easily and reduces clean-up time.Dripless Pouring: Elegant flared rims provide easy, dripless pouring.Glass Lids: See-through tempered glass lids with stainless steel rims lock in flavor and allow you to monitor the cooking process without releasing moisture. Lid handles have clearance for safe lifting.


  • Set contains 1-1/2- and 3-quart covered saucepans; 6-quart covered stockpot; 3-quart/10-inch covered saut?; 8- and 10-inch French skillets
  • Hard-anodized aluminum construction with nonstick finish
  • Soft-grip bright orange silicone handles are oven-safe to 400 degrees F
  • Glass lids allow cooking monitoring without sacrificing heat and nutrients
  • Washing by hand recommended; limited lifetime warranty


  1. Rating

    I enjoy using the pots and pans received in the 10 piece set I purchased online. I saved almost $20 ordering these online through Amazon, after calling every JC Penny, Sears, Macy’s and Target in the state – noone had this set in stock, they couldn’t keep it on the shelf. I prefer this adonized set over the porcelin or stainless stell set because it is a non-stick set with no additives needed when cooking, and it is easier to care for than the other two types of sets. The set is very well designed, very sturdy handles, attached securely to the pot or pan. THis makes it very safe for my daughters to use when they are cooking. This is the first set I’ve purchased that is a complete set. I had a hodge podge of mis matched pans now my cabinets looks great and I can even open my stove storage drawer and see what I need to use much easier. This set is easy to store and take care of. I’d recommend it to anyone, actually I already have, to several of my friends!

  2. Rating

    I received this cookware December 06 and have been cooking with it everyday since then. It is truly an amazing cookware set. It goes from stove top to oven with no problem. It looks nice hanging on my pot rack in my kitchen even after all of the use it gets from me and my family. The pots cook evenly and the food does not stick making clean up spectacularly fast and easy. I was lucky enough to receive and add to my collection this past Christmas the larger, deep oval skillet for large family dinners. I highly recommend this set for anyone from beginning cooks to very experienced ones.

  3. Amazon Shopper says


    I really like the way these pans cook and heat food. They clean up nicely when you follow the directions given in the manual. Two small things were annoying, but definitely something we can live with. First of all, one of our silicone handles became hot and I couldn’t grab it. I think the burner may have been exposed on that side, but still – be aware. Secondly, there are two little bolts on the inside of each handle on every pot and pan. These bolts are annoying to clean around. Food likes to stay there. Not really a big deal, either, but annoying. Besides those things, I have enjoyed my set!

  4. Shirley S. Riles says


    I’m 16 years old and I love to cook. My family recently moved back home, we were victims of Hurricane Katrina, and we’re finally settled in. Needless to say, we needed essential things such as furniture, kitchen supplies and more for our new and (hopefully) permanent home.

    I did a bit of research and narrowed my options down to Hard-Anodized Aluminum (like this set) and Stainless Steel. After I found this great set at Bed Bath & Beyond, I went with it and haven’t looked back.

    This set is great. Each and every piece in this set is amazing and does what it’s supposed to do correctly. Since I’ve gotten the set I’ve cooked anything and everything, from breakfast in the morning (Eggs are simple and NEVER stick) to dinner at night, you can prepare just about anything with these pots/pans.

    They’re really, really non stick. I haven’t tested them without any type of fat (Oil/Butter) but I bet they’d be fine without it. Regardless, when cooking something like…let’s say Eggs, I always toss a pad of butter in the pan (the smallest skillet is probably my favorite pan, just because I love eggs and it’s the perfect size!) and the thing practically slips out of the pan when you’re ready to serve. Over easy has never been this simple.

    The set is also oven ready up to 400 degrees. The lids are great. If you’re worried about the orange color clashing with the other colors in your kitchen, don’t sweat it; for whatever reason, they seem to fit perfectly in any kitchen. The silicone handles are great and very heat resistant, they pans fit so comfortably in your hands!

    All in all, you can’t go wrong with this set. Think of your favorite food. It can probably be prepared with the items included in this set.

  5. Rating

    I took another reviewers advise and bought mine at Kohl’s for less, but it was about 20.00 less not 50.00 and I shopped around for a month to get that. Anyway I love this set it cooks your food evenly and I can almost swear that the food taste better, and the clean up is so easy. Another advantage is that it’s really cute and I love the colors, but it also feels like you paid 500.00 for the set instead of 179.00 or in my case 160.00. I am very satisfied and I tossed my T-Fal set in the trash can since the black lining started rubbing off, but I am sure this won’t happen with this set.

  6. G. Mynhardt says


    I was looking for an upgrade to my cheap pots from college. There are many brands out there that are a lot more expensive, but you cannot go wrong with this set of cookware. I have had my set for a month now and have used it every day for dinner. Besides the orange handles (that are great grips, by the way), these pots are beautiful and of great quality. The entire set comes with glass lids, and the range of sizes is perfect for a single person or an entire family. I highly recommend this item for anyone, whether a regular cook or an experimental chef. The pots are easy to wash (by hand only!), are aesthetically pleasing, and make my food taste amazing. I have not burned anything, as the aluminum helps evenly distribute heat.

    I have cooked everything in these pots including potatoes, breakfast foods, stove casseroles, soups, pastas, sauteed veggies, shrimp, you name it. If you need a new set of pots and pans that will make your meals a delight to eat AND make, then I recommend this set. Rachael Ray uses these pots/pans on her own show, as well, which speaks for the quality and value you will have in your own kitchen. Unlike other non-stick pots with one can use metal utensils without risk of damaging the inside, as it lacks the teflon or enamel non-stick coating. This also allows you to add more heat to what you’re cooking.

    One con might be not being able to wash the pots/pans in the dishwasher. I do not mind this as I’ve never washed any of my cookware that way. Just be aware that if you are not a hand-washer you will be stuck doing so anyway. Even so, the nonstick (but not coated) surface makes it a breeze to wash with some soap and water. No need for scrubbing or scouring pads. Your pots will be good as new to use for the next meal. Besides this I do not see anything to write a negative review about. This will definitely get you excited to cook and try new things!

  7. Rating

    I absolutely love these pans!! They are easy to clean up and they are great to cook with – good heat distribution, sturdy but not overly heavy. It also helps that I got a fabulous deal on them!

  8. Breana Lee Leflar says


    This is the best pots and pans set I ever had. They are super easy to clean up..nothing sticks to them! Everything cooks evenly and nice. I am very happy and also bought the other matching pieces to this set.

  9. M. Mitchell says


    I bought the set about 4 months ago and absolutly love it. It is sooo easy to clean, and I don’t normally like to handwash, and it cooks great. The orange handles are great especially if you have kids that like to help you cook. I have since bought the 8 qt. pasta to add to my original set. Can’t say enough good things about this cookware.

  10. Rating

    This set is awesome. I have to say that they cook more evenly, clean more easily, and make cooked meals faster than I had hoped. I only wish there was a larger fry pan and THAT would make this set perfect. I think that since the price is being reduced and I can’t find this set locally in any dept store that there is going to be some new products introduced by RR… you won’t be disappointed with THIS set.

    **UPDATE** 1/26/08 I have had this set almost a year and just purchased set 2…I’ve gotten so spoiled with these at home, HAD to get another set for the 2nd house!! You might start enjoying cooking..and cleanup’s a breeze (at least that’s what my husband says!).