J.A. Henckels 30707-000 Twin Signature 7-Piece Knife Set with Block

J.A. Henckels 30707-000 Twin Signature 7-Piece Knife Set with Block

J.A. Henckels 30707-000 Twin Signature 7-Piece Knife Set with Block Rating:
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Product Description

Superior quality for everyday use, each Henckels knife features a hand-honed blade made of Friodur high carbon, ice-hardened, stainless steel. Break proof and dishwasher safe. Full warranty.


  • Includes 8-inch chef's; 5-inch utility; 4-inch paring; 2-1/2-inch peeling
  • Also: sharpening steel, shears, 11-slot hardwood block
  • Stamped high-carbon stainless-steel blades with laser-controlled edge
  • Ice-hardened blades for strength; hand-honed for sharpness
  • 7.8 pounds; lifetime warranty


  1. Rating

    My mom & aunt bought these Henckels Twin Signature 7-Piece Block Sets and they absolutely love them.
    I bought a Pro S set at Macys last year but didn’t get a good discount like Amazon does… The knives are 1 of the best investments in my kitchen.

  2. Enrico Palazzo says


    A very solid knife set, especially with the extra slots for those who have a few “favorite” knifes left in the drawer. MAKE SURE when you buy Henckels to get the “twin” set instead of the single little henckel-man, that’s a big upgrade in quality. Oh, and for goodness sake people, quit putting your knife set through the dishwasher and just clean them as you go.

  3. E. kastner says


    I have to say, I was a little skeptical about buying expensive knives after always shopping at walmart for this type of thing. I actually bought them for my husband for Christmas because he loves to cook. My first cut Christmas day was a tomato and I am now a TRUE BELIEVER! These knives are perfect! I will be adding to the set! My favorite is the paring knive, at first the slightly curved blade threw me off, but with the balanced handle and the curved blade I have no slippage issues with the fruits or veggies as I cut! I never realized how much more effort I exerted using bad knives, now it takes very little effort to cut and peel items for dinner and snacks, I have especially noticed a difference with potatoes and apples. The handles are fantastic with the curved hand grip, it fits extremely small hands like mine but it fits my husbands large hands perfectly also. Amazing knives, I definitely would recomend them to anyone. I had just bought a set of santoku knives by a famous chef 2 weeks before Christmas and have not touched them since!

  4. J. Despard says


    this is a fantastic knife set, all of the knives cut extremely well. the knives i use the most are the chef knife, the paring knofe, and the serrated utility. these knives are of excellent quality at a great price.

  5. Rating

    Henckels Twin Signature 7-Piece Block Set is exactly what I’d hoped that it would be: a quality set of knives that is ideal for the home.

    The set of Henckels that I’ve owned since the mid-80s finally gave in to a lot of use, sharpenings and dishwashings (dishwashing a good knife is a nice way to shorten the handle’s life expectancy!). But 20 years of great service from my previous set of Henckels certainly warranted a loyal update/upgrade to another Henckels set.

    And I am not disappointed. The new set is quite sturdy. Home users will be impressed with their strength; pros might be used to a higher standard, but I used to work in a professional kitchen and I can’t see how these would not be as effective as anything a pro has.

    These knives come out of the box SHARP too…a lot sharper than the sharpest that I’ve ever had my previous set sharpened to.

    There were two descriptions from Amazon that tell you what you get; one of Amazon’s descriptions included a carving knife (product description) and the other a peeling knife (what’s in the box). Amazon seems to have corrected the error as of this updated 2-13-2006 writing. To be sure, here’s what you actually get:

    – 2 1/2″ peeling knife

    – 4″ paring knife

    – 5″ serrated knife

    – 8″ chef’s knife…this baby cuts through a roast like a hot knife through butter even though it’s designed for chopping and dicing. In my opinion, it’s better than a carving knife.

    – a sharpening steel

    – kitchen shears

    – and a storage block with 11 slots which is great because some of the knives, especially the serrated knives, from my old set are still in mint shape (like the 8″ bread knife), so there’s plenty of room in the block for knives in your current collection looking for a new place to sleep.

    No 8″ carving knife. But like I said above, the 8″ chef’s knife works better than any carving knife that I’ve used.

    The only things missing from this set for the average home is a nice large bread knife (as I said this was not a problem for me) and steak knives (also not a problem as most households already have these). Plain and simple, this is a great set of food preparation knives that–if my previous set is any indication–will last for decades.

    Bon Appetite.

  6. Rating

    I bought this set based on the reviews, please shop cautiously for this brand of knife to make sure you “know” what you’re getting. These knives are sharper than any knife I have owned or seen. Comes with a great sharpener that will put a real edge on your other knife collections too. I have The Henckels steak knife set too and I quite satisfied with this purchase am sure anyone will, very reasonable price.

  7. Rating

    I purchased the Henkels Twin Signature 11pc block set for myself and have enjoyed them greatly.

    They are stamped rather than forged so they are less expensive that some of the true top end knives. I just need a solid set of knives to cook medium to advanced meals at home and this set does do flawlessly.

    I could get by with the smaller set without much of a problem, but I enjoy the flexibility of the additional knives the larger set. For what is charged for the individual knives it would be a break even for my needs.

  8. T. Batlivala says


    I bought the knives for my brother who is somewhat of an amateur chef. I am so happy to say that he was very pleased with the purchase! I heard complaints of them being flimsy but that is not true at all. He has also had no problems with rusting and said they work great. You can tell by the weight of the knives and the handle that they are made very well. I would recommend this purchase to someone who cooks quite frequently and just wants good knives that get the job done!

  9. Rating

    The Twin Signature is the lower end of Henckels more professional brand. The knives are sleek, very sharp. Great Value for great price (when on sale).

  10. Philip Lee says


    This is probably the best “beginner” knife set I’ve seen. Extremely good quality, and amazingly affordable especially when on sale at Amazon (as the often are). I purchased these and another one for a friend. Highly recommend.