Kyocera FK-180 BK Revolution Series 7-Inch Professional Chef’s Knife, Black Blade

Kyocera FK-180 BK Revolution Series 7-Inch Professional Chef's Knife, Black Blade

Kyocera FK-180 BK Revolution Series 7-Inch Professional Chef's Knife, Black Blade Rating:
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Product Description

These Kyocera ceramic knives are a unique alternative to metal-based versions with a resin handle for a highly controlled grip. Unlike a forged metal blade, which is soft and susceptible to chemical corrosion, the Kyocera zirconium oxide blade resists this wear and holds its edge for months to years without sharpening. Stain and rust-resistant, the blade is impervious to the food acids, wich discolor steel products. A non-stick ceramic surface makes for easy cleanup and a lightweight and perfect balance make it a pleasure to use. What more could you ask for, especially since Kyocera knives come with a five year limited warranty against breakage (does not cover cutting bones, prying or flexing).


  • 7-inch professional chef's knife made of lightweight, ultra-sharp ceramic
  • Advanced ceramic blade offers superior edge retention; ideal for straight slicing
  • Comfortable, ergonomic resin handle provides precise control
  • Ceramic blade never rusts; doesn’t absorb odors or colors
  • Made in Japan; hand washing recommended


  1. Rating

    I’m not a professional chef………I just have a bad case of “chef envy”. Recently got this knife based on the chef’s recommendation – LOVE it. Extremely sharp, as are all the Kyocera knives. Very well balanced and comfortable to use. I have a full set of top of the line Henckels – love them too – but I find myself reaching for the Kyoceras for most jobs because of their sharpness. This knife allows you to slice through large onions and get really thin slices with ease. Goes through meats like butter. This 7″ knife is a new addition to the Kyocera line, and I’m glad they added it. The Revolution blade is a little heftier – and the black blade is very cool looking.

    Don’t be fooled by cheaper imitations – if you’re going ceramic, go Kyocera. I was given a less expensive starter set from Linens N Things. They weren’t Kyocera – and they were a disappointment and waste of money.

    In my opinion, this knife, a paring knife, and 5″ slicing knife are must haves for serious cooks. Expensive – but worth every penny. In the case of Kyocera, you get what you pay for – top quality.

  2. N. Stevens says


    I have been curious about these knives since I first heard of them, but I had never tried them before. I had some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket and decided to get one. It is amazingly sharp. I have never been able to cut paper thin slices of vegetables so easily. It just glides through the food. I have only had it for about a month, so I can’t comment on how long it stays so sharp, but I am enjoying it very much so far.

  3. Rating

    My parents have a version of this knife, and I love using it, and always miss it when I go back to my normal knives. It’s too expensive to buy for myself, but I decided to buy this knife for my boyfriend, and he loves it, too! He’s worked in restaurants and is a serious cooking hobbyist. He has excellent steel knives, but they don’t hold a candle to this. I bought him a tomato and gave it to him when I gave him this knife, and he cut it into slices so thin he could read through them, and the gooey inards didn’t get squished out. This knife is super sharp, comfortable grip, and just fabulous. He was sold on first slice. You will be, too. And the black blade is super cool. For $75, this knife is a steal. Be warned, it’s hard to go back to your normal knives after you’ve used this bad boy.

  4. S. Berumen says


    I just had to respond to Doctor Generous’s review. Who on earth would use any knife, other than a table knife, to pry anything?? Common sense should tell you not to do this.

    A ceramic knife is not the best thing to cut tomatoes either, get a good serrated knife for that.

    Ceramic knives are far sharper and much better for many jobs than steel knives and you can purchase a specialized sharpener to sharpen a ceramic knife at home. They sell for around $63.00.

    Obviously you are not going to use a ceramic knife to cut frozen foods, open cans, cut through bones etc., etc., but then you really do not want to use any knife, if you value it, to do that. And a cleaver does a much better job of cutting through bones.

    A little common sense needs to be used!

  5. Micah Haver says


    I prep for a large restaurant 6 days a week and use this knife for nearly everything. It has stayed sharp for well over a year of hard work. Considering the store pays a company almost 2 bucks a week to sharpen each steel knife, the knife has “DOUBLE”

    payed for itself already and I have yet to send it off to get sharpened. Yes, some people complain you cant use it like a steel knife with prying open things or that its fragile. Really people…. its a knife! you should be careful not to drop it, and using ANY knife to pry things open will cause damage to any knife. all in all a great knife, kinda cheap handle, that has a potential to lose grip when wet or oily.

  6. Rating

    I’ve had this knife for over a year now and used it extensively. It serves me very well cutting fruits. veggies and meats. It was sharper then my classic metal knives and stayed sharper much longer then any other knife I’ve owned. (I will use Kyocera’s service to sharpen mine)

    Word of caution: my in-law decided use her knife to fillet a fish with it. Very bad idea – as the blade went through fish bones it visibly got damaged. This knife was never meant to handle bones of any kind.

  7. Rating

    A dull knife is the most dangerous tool in the kitchen. I’ve always owned very good knives — including Henckels (not the ones made in China), Wustof, Shun, etc. — and have always sharpened my own knives with steels and with my Chef’s Choice electric sharpeners. But these ceramic knives by Kyocera truly are great because they don’t need sharpening and are extremely sharp. I can pull these knives out each time and know they are ready for use. I make my own gravlax and am impressed with the paper-thin slices of the raw fish that I can get from using the ceramic knives.

  8. Sedone cooker says


    We have only used this knife sparingly, but so far it is amazing. So much so that we have just ordered another. The black is handsome looking as well.

  9. Jason Francis says


    I bought this knife recently as a work knife at my job. I am a professional chef and I am experienced and well educated on cutlery. This is the second ceramic knife I have bought, the first was dropped by a co-worker and that knife shattered. I love working with ceramic knives because they are the sharpest knives around,period. Nothing is sharper. It glides through food. It requires a bit more care, but if you take good care if it ,it will last a lifetime. This knife is very versitile in the 7″ model and very resonably priced. Perfect for meat and fish, slicing, fruit and vegatables. I can cut perfect slices, juliannes, and very fine dice. I laugh when I hear people talk about ” my shun knife” or the extremely over-rated “my henckels”. They are good all right but very expensive and they will NEVER be as sharp or hold it for as long as a ceramic.

    Now, I will say this knife has one thing I don’t care for. While the handle is extremely comfortable and feels oh-so-natural( it actually helps cutting in a mechanical sense by design),if the handle is greasy or oily (when cutting steaks from large cuts or dealing with certain fish it can get oily from handeling) it becomes slippery. Not good for a knife as razor sharp as this. Just keep it clean, protect it from abuse and you will have a knife like no other for alooooong time. In a home I suspect it will not be subject to the rigors I put it through, therefore this knife is a great value for the home chef. I would put this knife up against Shun or Henckles or Wusthof any day.

  10. Earl E. A. Dopter says


    This knife is well worth the cost. There are several reasons why this is the best addition we’ve made to our kitchen in a long time. Most importantly, it’s sharp – and I mean SHARP – and it stays that way for a very, very long time. Because the blade is made of pure ceramic material, it’s much, much harder than any steel, so it takes forever to dull it. I haven’t even researched how you go about sharpening it, but it’s not important right now, since it’s going to be a long time before I need to worry about that. The other big advantage to this knife is its weight. Ceramic is much lighter than steel, and this makes the knife feel so comfortable in my hand and so natural to use for my slicing and dicing needs.

    The quality is great, it looks beautiful, it feels natural in the hand, it handles and cuts superbly, and it should last a lifetime if properly taken care of. I reach for this knife first every time. Our other knives are high end Wusthof, and they are also great knives. But if I could only have one, it would be this Kyocera ceramic knife, without a doubt.