Shenzhen Knives Chef Series. Ceramic Knife Set – 3-piece (Chef’s, Slicing & Paring)

Shenzhen Knives Chef Series. Ceramic Knife Set - 3-piece (Chef's, Slicing & Paring)

Shenzhen Knives Chef Series. Ceramic Knife Set - 3-piece (Chef's, Slicing & Paring) Rating:
List Price: $84.97
Sale Price: $69.98
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Product Description

Shenzhen Knives is a leading online retailer of ceramic knives and ceramic knife sets. Shenzhen Ceramic Knives are a perfect complement to your steel knives. While you will still need to use your steel knife for every-day, heavy duty cutting, Shenzhen Knives are perfect for slicing fruits and vegetables and other precision cutting tasks.


  • 6-inch Chef's knife, 4.8-inch Slicing knife, and 3.2-inch Paring knife
  • Stay sharper longer: Harder than steel, and will hold edge longer than a steel blade
  • Will not rust and is easy to clean: Resistant to acids, germs and oils
  • Will not affect the taste of or brown food
  • Lightweight: easy and comfortable to use for precision slicing


  1. Rating

    My husband has been talking about wanting ceramic knives for a couple of years, so when I saw the price of these knives I couldn’t pass them up. Now, he uses them to cut/slice/dice everything. He actively looks for excuses to use these knives. They really are awesome. You can’t help but want to slice tomatoes really thin. Perhaps our only complaint is indicative of the ceramic knife product itself… they are really fragile. If one of the knives slips out of your hand, say goodbye because it will shatter when it hits the floor.

  2. Brian Tanabe says


    I have been adding to my Global knife collection throughout my life as I could afford them. Then I recently received one of these knives as a gift. I was immediately sold on them and quickly snatched up this 3-piece set. I still cannot believe the price. Highly recommended.

  3. Rating

    These knives are excellent, especially for the price. Keep in mind that ceramic knives don’t seem as “nice” or “heavy” as regular knives and the only option for the handle is plastic, if you expect that about these knives you won’t be disappointed. We’ve had them for 3 months with no quality issues and the performance is amazing. These are so much less expensive than other brands but work just as well, highly reccomended. You will notice a vast difference between these and your other knives. Just ordered the peeler for me and a set of knives for a wedding gift.

  4. Stephen de las Heras says


    These knives are sharp enough to make thin easy slices in vegetables, but not so sharp that a clumsy cutter will risk their fingers with every chop. That’s just the right amount of edge for me! They also look and feel cool and are easy to clean. They are especially good for things like tomatoes.

  5. LIlah's Mama says


    The common theme that I’ve noticed is that everyone talks about how great a deal it is for 3 ceramic knives and I can’t agree more.

    A few months ago, I got this as a gift for my parents and they love them. They always mentioned how they wanted to buy ceramic knives. I looked around and had sticker shock as most brands were way out of my budget! When I saw the price for this 3 piece set, I decided, why not? And I am glad I bought them!

    Whenever I come to their house they rave about how easy it is to cut fruits and vegetables, and that they have not yet needed to sharpen them yet.

    The white ceramic blade makes it look like some futuristic material, very unlike the steel knives and the handles are designed to be ergonomic — a pleasure to hold and use!

    Highly recommend!

  6. Rating

    I had looked around for some reasonably priced ceramic knives, as I had read about them. Unfortunately, the ones that I saw (Kyocera, Boker etc) were $100+! I came across these and thought they were reasonably priced.

    I have no complaints and love my knife set!

  7. Rating

    These are excellent knives for the price. Being a bit of a knife nerd, here is what I’ve found:

    First, these are ceramic knives, and all ceramic knives have a classic trade-off – they are hard but delicate. They will slice effortlessly though anything softer than the knife, but will break if you force it against something harder (bones, coffee mugs, diamonds). That being said, because they are so hard, they will hold a professional-quality edge no matter how unprofessional you are.

    The edge on these knives is comparable to some of my top-end Japanese knives, and whereas my Japanese knives require regular sharpening and oiling to keep them sharp and rust free, the ShenZhen ceramic knives are practically idiot-proof.

    The best way to think of these knifes is as the lazy-man’s carbon-steel super-fancy $1000 Japanese Chef’s knife. You wouldn’t use those knives to bone a chicken, and you wouldn’t cut on a hard surface with them, and you certainly wouldn’t drop them. Ceramic knives are no different, but unlike carbon-steel, they require absolutely no maintenance. You can leave them wet, you can cut through acidic foods, you can buy new ones for cheaper than it costs to get them sharpened.

    The best thing about this item is that it comes as a three-pack, with Chef’s, slicing and paring knives. If you use the right knife for the right task, you’re less likely to break it or chip it by using it incorrectly.

    The knives are light and quick, and the handles are good whether you like to grip the knife or pinch the blade. The one ding I have is on the handles – they look a bit cheap since they’re made of non-slip rubber, but this seems to be a consistent characteristic of ceramic knives – you can’t affix them to a wooden handle because you can’t drill holes into the tang.

    Oh, and all those people who say “These knives are so sharp you might cut yourself LOL” have no idea what they’re talking about. A dull knife is the most dangerous thing in the kitchen. A sharp knife goes where you want without having to force the cut, and without having to hold your fingers so close to the cutting zone to stabilize the food you’re cutting.

    Bottom line: Buy these knives. They’re cheap, they’re good, they let the little guy slice sushi like the big boys.

  8. Rating

    I’ve had these for about a month now and have been very impressed so far. The sharpness of these knives is like nothing else in the kitchen. Most of my use so far has been on vegetables and fruit with a little bit of meat as well. They do great with all of them. As long as I keep in mind that they are not steel knives and treat them accordingly, I’m sure they will last a very long time. Hand washing is not as much of a pain as I anticipated. That would be the only real negative that I could think of. The handles do look a little on the inexpensive side, but are very comfortable. Overall, great buy.

  9. Rating

    I bought the Chef’s knife and loved it so much, I decided to buy the 3 piece set. The price is so reasonable for a set of ceramic knives.

    No complaints and I would recommend to everyone.

  10. Brannon Naito says


    After looking through many of the other ceramic knives out there, I decided to give this set a shot… and thank god I did. The ceramic blades cut through food like nothing, and the best part of it was that I got three knives basically for the price of one by other manufacturers! What a great purchase I recommend this product to anyone and everyone!