Silvermark S08018 2-Piece Ceramic Knife Set, White

Silvermark S08018 2-Piece Ceramic Knife Set, White

Silvermark S08018 2-Piece Ceramic Knife Set, White Rating:
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Product Description

Embrace the superior quality of ceramic knives in your kitchen. Ceramic knives are sharper, more durable, and more efficient than traditional stainless steel blades. This two piece knife set from Silvermark is no exception. It includes a three inch paring knife and six inch santoku knife, each with protective blade guards. The edges of this stylish knife set stay sharp ten times longer than average steel blades, and the black handles feature an easy-grip design for stability and comfort.


  • Set includes 3 Paring Knife and 6 Santoku Knife
  • High ? quality ceramic knives; zirconium oxide ceramic blades stay sharper ten times longer than stainless steel!
  • Complete with protective sheaths
  • The ultimate cutting tools for the discerning chef
  • From Silvermark ? Fresh. Healthy. Simple.


  1. Rating

    Most everything is as claimed. The knife is sharp. But when i try to cut tomatoes it does not cut through the skin easily which I was hoping it would do. I don’t get nice thin slices easily. It does not perform the way the commercial for the Yoshi claims. For meat, on the other hand, and most vegetables, it is very good.

  2. Raymond D. Bolch says


    This product has met every need I had and the value is exceptional. I wish they had more sets comparable to this one.

  3. Rating

    This knife set is a terrific bargain. I mainly use the large knife. It does a better job on dicing and slicing vegetables than any other knife I have used. The blade is incredibly sharp. Keep the guard on it at all times when not in use.

    You do have to treat this blade properly. It will chip if you are not careful and even if you are. Do not put it in a dishwasher. Be careful of what you curt on. Do not use this knife around bones. Keep the guard on. It is a great product at a great price.

  4. Rating

    slices soft tomatoes and onions paper thin…even soft bread without pressing it! Fantastic untensil.

  5. John Brook Monroe says


    The description says that the larger knife in this set is a santoku. Somebody at Silvermark has an odd idea of what constitutes a santoku. I’m just sayin’.

    Now that I’ve got that off my chest–I like that knife. I like it a lot. The paring knife blade strikes me as a little too thick for small work, which is why I’ve giving this set four stars instead of five. But the “santoku?” It’s fun to use. It does a good job with everyday food prep tasks, and honestly, the price is less than any other ceramic knife I’ve seen so far.

    The blade sheathes are very useful if you keep a “knife drawer.” (I don’t. I have blocks. Lots and lots of blocks. There’s probably a 12-step program for people with the number of knife blocks I have.)

    The “santoku” is practical, and as far as I’m concerned, is worth the price of the package if you NEVER use the paring knife. I have blades from Kyocera and Shenzhen, and honestly, I’m just as likely to pull the Silvermark from the block as I am the others when it’s time to prep vegetables or cut a loin into chops. (This knife also works as a carver.)

    The usual caveats apply: don’t put these blades into the dishwasher. Don’t use the larger one to smash garlic cloves–get the steel blade out for that. Don’t use ceramic blades to pry bones or pop bone joints. Don’t use them to cut frozen foods. Slice unpeeled tomatoes with a metal blade if you’re impatient–I’ve found that ceramics tend to slip a little on the peel unless you take your time. (It’s a weight thing. Metal blades pull through the tomato skin better because they’re heavier. Nevertheless, you can do it with ceramic.) Don’t drop the knife onto a hard surface. (Better yet, don’t drop the knife–which is good advice with any knife.) Use wood or plastic cutting boards–not glass. Don’t cut on a ceramic or metal surface (not good for steel blades, either).

    This ceramic knife set is the least expensive introduction to this sort of tool that I’ve seen so far. At this price it’s really hard to go wrong. You might eventually move on to the greater range of knife types provided by Shenzhen or Kyocera–but I’m betting you’ll get a lot of use out of the “santoku” for a long time.

    One last thing: if you’re considering the resin-coated steel blades or non-stick blades, just get the ceramic. They’re pretty much non-stick already, and eventually all that fluorescent stuff is going to come off those other knives. Those blades will need sharpening before the ceramic will–that’s for darned sure.

  6. Rating

    I liked my first set of these knives so well that I purchased a second set as a backup. These are amazing knives and stay sharp really well. Yes, you will still need the “German” metal knives, but this is a great additional set.

    Update to my original review: The knives dulled after a couple of months even through I was careful with them. I ended up giving them away. The Victoronix and Henckle knives are better.

  7. MDB77096 says


    they worked really well until they broke! The small ones blade broke when my mother-in-law was cutting vegetables and the large ones handle broke when I was cutting a sweet potato. NOT impressed. I emailed the company and they have not responded