Wüsthof 4022 Gourmet 3-Inch Paring Knife

Wüsthof 4022 Gourmet 3-Inch Paring Knife

Wüsthof 4022 Gourmet 3-Inch Paring Knife Rating:
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Product Description

Craftsmanship has been a tradition at Wusthof for over 190 years. Quality and precision have always been the standard that we measure our knife by and our Gourmet line of stamped German knives take precision to a new level. Each knife in this line is cut from a piece of steel using a laser beam to make a perfect blade. The straight edge of this 3-inch Paring Knife offers close control for decorating as well as peeling, mincing and dicing.


  • 3-inch paring knife for coring, dicing, and mincing fruits and vegetables
  • Stamped from high-carbon steel with a stain-resistant alloy
  • Synthetic polypropylene handle is double riveted for durability
  • Precisely tapered from base to tip; no bolster
  • Made in Germany; hand wash for best results; limited lifetime warranty


  1. Gerard L. Foley says


    The Wusthof gourmet 3″ paring knife has good balance and I am looking forward to the blade and edge holding up as well as our other Wusthof kitchen knives. When ordering I did not notice that the blade was not

    forged as with the larger knives but it has quality manufacturing details

    that should give it a long life of hard use.

  2. M. Austin says


    Wustof is the brand that my chef husband perfers to use. This 3 inch was the only size he did not have for our personal use. It is the perfect sized for prep work.

  3. IntheWoods says


    Want a cheap knife, that doesn’t act cheap?

    This is your ticket. Superior steel, razor sharp, with the flexibility to also fillet fish.

    Listen, no one can dispute the ruggedness, feel or longevity of a properly cared for forged blade, by the same maker or others of this quality. But if you’re on a budget and your a serious home cook, you will dig this knife for smaller tasks or as a companion to chefs knife or Santoku.

    Mine has sat by the sink for almost 2 years, and it stills performs and looks like new. A couple of swipes on a .99 cent crossed sticks ceramic sharpener available at any fishing supply store and it stays razor sharp and ready to go.

    Be extremely careful with the edge and the point. Like all Wusthof products, this knife means business.

    Fancy chopping or food processing products you see on TV, etc..? Unless you preparing large quantities of food for restaurants, etc.. save your money. 2 knives and a decent cutting board is all you need. And you don’t destroy the food in the process. And please, hand wash your good knives only. The dishwasher is not a good place for serious knives for obvious reasons.

  4. Michael L. Griffith says


    This is an excellent German made product. The quality

    is outstanding. It is very sharp, and my wife is pleased

    with how it seems balanced, and fits her hand. Wusthof

    has a very informative web-site with a video showing the

    various steps that are used in manufacturing. I recommend

    anyone interested should take time to view this impressive

    presentation. The video can be found at…..


  5. Rating

    Great paring knife. Made in Germany. Nice, balanced feel and just the right sized and shaped handle for easy gripping. Appears to be very solidly built and durable. Information on printed paper blade sheath: high carbon, no-stain steel blade, ergonomic handle construction, hygienic and dishwasher safe. I like it.

  6. Rating

    Great little knife at a great price. Stays sharp and I use it for everything.

  7. claire bright says


    If you are looking for a good quality & sharp paring knife, this is it. If you buy it, be sure to put it where kids can’t reach it and don’t just put it down in the sink with other stuff. I have cut myself with it twice.

  8. Rating

    This is a wonderful paring knife. It is sharp and stays sharp. It works beautifully and reminds me of a knife my grandmother had. Haven’t had to sharpen it yet.

  9. heidi ridlon says


    this product came quickly and was everything I expected of the name..it has worked well and is extremely sharp…very pleased..will order other sizes…as it is a BIG savings over the store prices…

  10. D. R. Ulmer says


    These paring knives are simply the best I have ever seen or used. Razor sharp,cuts meat or anything else with very little pressure. Highly Recommended!